Liberty XPO

    Almost two weeks ago, there was a great turnout of patriots on the National Mall. People left encouraged and energized for the fall, but many still don’t know the new and better resources are available to them, and what the proven methods are for getting their message out. Later this week in the nation’s Capital, individuals and true grassroots organizations from across the United States | Read More » – A Precinct Organizer’s Evaluation

    The SWFL 9.12 Project has been evaluating tools to use in Precinct Organizing.  We have received training from American Majority and The Voices of America.  Most of our leaders have become Precinct Committeemen under the Precinct Committeemen Strategy.  We have created a non-partisan precinct organizing initiative in our local SW Florida area and are evaluating tools for managing our voter contact efforts.  Activities such as | Read More »