A tale of two AZ Senators and Healthcare Reform

    For the last two months I’ve been in a running dialog and battle with my two Senators from Arizona, McCain and Kyl, on healthcare and other issues. I’ve spent hours on the phone with their staffs in DC, attended county and state GOP meetings which were also attended by Senators and been the target of McCain during Q&A at a county meeting where he demonstrated | Read More »

    Talk about wasted Republican breath

    Ah yes, a “call to action.”  To DO WHAT, exactly? They never say. Sounds like they want us to “keep doing what you’re doing” — I suppose that means making phone calls, sending faxes and e-mails, mailing pink slips and holding a sign at a Tea Party. But of course they leave it vague — wouldn’t want to be too partisan. Yeah, all those communications | Read More »

    434 new conservative precinct committeemen. And counting.

    Promoted from diaries.  Now spread it around. – Moe Lane As of August 31, 2009, since the Nov. 2008 election, the Maricopa County Republican Party has increased its precinct committeeman ranks by over 21 per cent. The Party had, in Nov., 2008, 1,989 precinct committeemen representing the 694,000 registered Republican voters in Maricopa County. The quota was 6,231. Thus, the Party was at less than | Read More »

    Rebuilding the GOP: The Committeeman Project

    I firmly believe today that former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell’s Conservative Resurgence Plan was the best thing to come out of the race for the RNC Chairmanship earlier this year. With its focus on precinct-level organization, it not only provided the best blueprint for rebuilding the Party in locales where it has completely collapsed but also the often neglected aspect of strengthening it | Read More »

    My Beef With Michael Steele

    Who is your GOP precinct committeeman? Your GOP county chairman? Your county’s representative(s) on the state’s central committee? What if you’re looking for any local upcoming Republican Party events in your county or district? What if you want to host one such event yourself? What if you want to organize with other Republicans in your locale in support of a reform-minded conservative Republican running for | Read More »

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