Tech at Night: Thursday Morning Leftist Insanity Edition

    Tech at Night

    Public Knowledge, one of the extreme leftists organizations pushing for socialized Internet, with Net Neutrality as the latest wedge to grow government, has been at this a while. One of their own, Gigi Sohn, even left to go work at the FCC to fight for extremism from within. And now we find out just how extreme they are.

    Harold Feld, their Senior Vice President and Legal Director, has decided publicly to make fun of critics of the plan they support for government regulation of the Internet, Title II Reclassification of Internet services as … suddenly no longer information services for some reason. He decided to bring up ebola, even as right now people are actually dying of it, and it’s a fear people are actually having right now. Alinskyite tactics here, folks. Just push emotional buttons rather than engage on the issues.

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    Federal building codes Part III

    The cap and tax’s building code is a direct assault on the state’s “exclusive” power over real estate and property law.  First, a little background. By today’s standards, one can make an irrefutable argument that Constitution gives the federal legislature the power to pass local parking regulations:  Automobiles travel interstate. People drive them to stores to buy merchandise which itself has traveled interstate.  Since the | Read More »

    Questions About Preemption and TARP

    I’ve been working on something about federal law, state law and preemption, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the preemption problems raised by federal bailouts and federal ownership. Except for federally chartered banks, corporations, LLC, and other business entities are created under state law.  Those state laws and charters direct how business is conducted: meetings, notifications, voting, etc. However, under Article | Read More »