VP Poll is running a VP poll (look for it right under Today’s Funnies, quarter way down mid-page). Click Here (to get there)Romney in lead at 40% and Palin in second…Palin for VP blogspot

    An American Thatcher?

    I like the media “spin” that this would have, provided Sen. McCain would make the comment, “she is our American Thatcher” Sarah Palin, an American ThatcherHow to nominate Governor Sarah Palin for Vice-President (click here)

    In the Interest of Balance

    With all the exultation in Red State over Biden, I figured jptrenn’s diary entry makes a few points. Namely, that Biden’s background is ‘normal’ compared to some of the recent players for the presidency in D.C. Land and McCain should be careful who to pick for his ticket.

    Time to bring the disaffected Clintonistas to our side

    Now, it’s not Joe Biden’s fault that Obama has screwed this up so badly. Obama’s last great chance to mend fences with the Clintonistas was to pick Clinton as veep. Or at least another woman that would ratify the “historic” importance of this year for the feminists who wanted to see the glass ceiling broken at the top of the political world. Its not Biden’s | Read More »

    U.S. Opens Borders To Immigrants With Aids

    In a bill, signed by the president last week pledging $48 billion to fight aids, is language that lifts the ban on immigrants with AIDS from entering the country.In a speech before signing the law, President Bush emphasized that “HIV’s deadly stigma” is still a societal obstacle because patients still don’t receive mainstream acceptance.Congressional support for lifting the travel ban was bipartisan and strong, but | Read More »

    *Bad Candidate? The Media is Soaking You in One!!

    *I will probably do more than one blog this month….90 days to election and the needle is swinging right. Here’s some nuggets to chew on….From Obama’s book “Dreams from my Father” Obama harbors negative racial stereotypes as Reverend Wright, his mentor for 20 years, as Obama states in pages 98-104 “Black nationalism, a steady attack on white race would be justified if it could deliver.”*MY | Read More »

    MI-PRES: Race Narrows, Good News for McCain

    Today, we look at MI. Only one brand new poll, but I’ll tease this into a full expose on MI polling. First, Rasmussen has a new poll from Aug 7 (July 10):McCain 45 (42)Obama 49 (50) To supplement that the most recent other poll is from PPP (D) on July 27 (Jun 22): McCain 43 (39)Obama 46 (48) And the only other pollster active in | Read More »

    McCain Needs To Go Deep For Veep

    I could not sleep last night wondering who John McCain would pick for his vice presidential pick . Fellow Blogger Jeff Emanuel has done a outstanding piece on I did not know about Cantor , I want to throw in the mix , Hutchinson , Jindal , and Palin . I have an bias for Texas , with that said , I hope he | Read More »

    From CNN – Why White House race is a close call

    This is an excellent article if you have not already read it. Why McCain is in with such a strong chance despite all the economic factors leading up this race and the fact that a Democratic candidate had raised so much money, got the over-attention, yet cant break away in the polls.Read this:- especially like the last two lines of the article, “A lot of | Read More »

    545 People

    *545 People *By Charlie ReesePoliticians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.Have you ever wondered why, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, we have deficits?

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