Michael Savage on Sara Palin and my thoughts on the Presidential Race

    Let me say that I am a staunch Republican so I will not vote for Obama under any circumstances. I have come to the conclusion that I just can’t see Obama being not elected. I just think there is a ground swell in this country for change (without substance). I also feel that the voters only look at the packaging and not what is inside | Read More »

    Is The Obama Campaign Courting Convicted Felons?

    (Post taken from Tony Phyrillas, a contributor to PennPatriot Blog)This is wrong in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin.The Barack Obama campaign opened an office in Pottstown. Nothing unusual about that. The Obama camp is flush with money, some of it from questionable sources, so it can open an office in just about every city, township or borough in the United States.If | Read More »

    Biden VS ?

    Why did Barack Obama choose Joe BidenTo be his running mate ?Its very odd that a candidate whose wholeCampaign has been about bringing something new to WashingtonA guy that’s articulate bright new and clean and a good looking guyPicks Joe Biden who’s been in the senate 35 years So much forNew. The Obama Biden ticket just shows how stupid liberalsAre, Nominate a Presidential Candidate with | Read More »

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