So, they used rendition on Barader?

    How… extraordinary. Barader was seized in a secret joint operation by Pakistani and US intelligence forces, according to US government officials quoted in the New York Times. Mullah Barader has been in Pakistani custody for several days, with US and Pakistani intelligence officials both taking part in interrogations, according to the officials. Though Barack Obama has banned US agencies from using forms of torture such | Read More »

    US negotiating to reoccupy Uzbek air base?

    Not being content to embrace and expand a program of deniable third-party torture as a viable counter-terrorism tool, the Obama administration has apparently decided to try to mend relations with the nation of Uzbekistan (H/T: Instapundit): Sources: US considers Uzbekistan as backup base WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is considering resuming military cooperation with hardline Uzbekistan as a potential backup plan given the uncertain | Read More »

    Greenwald, Sullivan’s faux-outrage over rendition.

    The quote is from Spider Robinson’s short story “Unnatural Causes” (found in his first Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon story collection, known as, well, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon), and we’ll be revisiting it in a moment. But first: pro-torture pro-Obama bloggers Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan have decided that they are very unhappy about Obama’s decision to maintain the Bush administration’s policy of “asserting a broad “state secrets” | Read More »

    The nuance of the pro-torture Left (HRW edition).

    Good term, Wizbang: I like it. Anyway, via Dissenting Justice (via Instapundit) we can see in miniature the… ah, evolution of our opposite numbers on the Online Left’s stance on Obama’s reversion to rendition. Our hypocrites for the day are Human Rights Watch*: April 7, 2008 to at least January 19, 2009: The US government should: ·Repudiate the use of rendition to torture as a | Read More »