Meghan McCain: Just Stop It

    I can’t understand this dynasty/legacy mentality of some politicians and their children. Just what is it that makes Chelsea Clinton or Meghan McCain think they are the voice of their parents’ political parties? I can only wonder that maybe they believe they are heirs to nobles in some gotti kingdom of politics. Whatever the case may be, Meghan McCain cries for the limelight again. In | Read More »

    You KNOW Dodd is Toast When They Beg

    This was just sent out by Kerry’s Machine Hello [unsuspected conservative plant], The Republicans will do anything to stop President Obama from winning the 60 Senate seats he needs to pass his agenda. That’s why they’ve set their sights on taking down Ted Kennedy’s partner on the biggest progressive fights on the last twenty nine years: my friend Chris Dodd. We can’t let them. We | Read More »

    Liberal Insanity Alert: It is the epitome of projection!

    Projection: The act of imposing one’s own faults, psychosis and mental illnesses upon another, just because ‘you’ have it, must mean everyone else ‘has it’. Webster says projection is: “the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; esp : the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety” Now that our ‘asylum’ is run by | Read More »

    Progressivism – Socialism’s Little Brother

    The left is marching against free market capitalism and it is the responsibility of all conservatives to take up verbal arms against the progressive troops lining up to trash free markets.  E.J Dionne, self proclaimed progressive, writes for the Washington Post today that there is something to the argument that Americans are all Socialists now, because “capitalist theory and practice were being toppled by an economic catastrophe | Read More »

    Sometimes you have to read the comments for the news…

    Drudge has been carrying this headline all day: “Is this the end of America?” opinion article by Terence Corcoran. A fully interesting and very thoughtful read. But amidst the rattle of comments came this one: The plans are in motion to remove this man and his administration as well as the evil virus infecting Congress. These pathetic whores will be dragged into the streets, frog-marched | Read More »

    Sanders Nation

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a screamer.  A rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth, wild-eyed, arm waving screamer.  But The Nation is calling him their “Most Valuable Progressive.”  Progressive?  Sure.  Valuable?  Who are they kidding?  Maybe the most volatile progressive.  That would be an MVP award more appropriate for him. As a House member of 16 years, what piece of legislation did he ever get passed?  He got the post office in | Read More »

    The curiosity meme and “moose murder”

    A recent GSP4P post addressed the “polarizing” meme. It’s just one of several memes used to attack Sarah Palin. These memes generally originate as Democrat Party talking points, get spread all over the leftosphere by Palin-hating bloggers, get picked up by the drive-by media and are hammered out incessantly by all of the usual suspects. Another popular anti-Palin meme is the one which claims that | Read More »

    A Message for Progressive Republicans

    For those of you who want the Republican party to become a “progressive” party, and by that I mean a party that endeavors to incrementally increase the power and reach of the government ever more, until finally we live in dependency on the government that supplies all our needs, then I submit you should join the Democrats.

    Read More »

    RedState First Date

    I’m not going to lie. My first political blog was flung out into the world via the wonders of Facebook. I must admit, I kind of enjoy the fiercely partisan chaos: Obama supporters: YES WE CAN!!! McCain supporters: NO YOU CAN’T!!!! Obama supporters: OH NO YOU DIDN’T! McCain supporters: My friends, WE JUST WENT THERE!! Token “Libertarians”: Dude…you just…oh man….dude! (titter) Obama supporters: CHANGE!!! YES!!! | Read More »

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