Marriage defines itself. For those who are uncertain I will explain.

    Marriage is a contract between two consenting adults, not of the same sex, and the government. Now there is a simple explanation for why this is, that is not based on religion. Let me explain.

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    For Want of a Nail

    Be Careful What You Wish For Liberals.  It’s almost within your collective grasp.  Don’t trip. The disparate Left will soon implode.  Its center cannot hold.  The sublimated segments that make up that rough beast won’t remain cohesive for long.  Recalcitrant interest groups won’t agree on anything.  Everyone wants to cut in line, and get first-dibs on the good grub.  Such is the case with those | Read More »

    ‘Tis the season…

    …to demonize people of faith…especially Christians. Let’s take a look at some of this week’s hits: Kathleen Parker – again Not satisfied with angering Christian conservatives the first time, Kathleen Parker comes back for another helping. She received so much attention for her previous cutesy use of “oogedy-boogedy” that she thought she’d milk it for another column. So, just to make her feel better, I’ll | Read More »

    Pro-Prop 8 petition

    I’m sure all of you know about the hoopla over Prop 8 in California. As a Californian, I dutifully supported it. Now that Prop 8 has passed, though, its opponents still won’t rest. They’re protesting all over the country, and their lawyers have taken it to the courts, trying to find some activist judge who’ll go along with their agenda. Without a doubt, the California | Read More »

    Some thoughts on Prop 8 and Gay Marriage

    Since the election the Prop 8 passage has been a major item on news broadcasts and the internet. We have seen protests at Mormon and Catholic houses of worship (but not in predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods, which Larry Elder attributes to the lack of a possibility of confrontation at the LDS and RC churches) and we have heard a variety of talking heads and | Read More »

    For those who support Prop 8

    I have the simplest question for you. How does two men, or women, being married imfringe on your freedom, liberty, or life? Since the very obvious question is this action does not then being in favor of Prop 8 is about as anti-republican as one can be and you should change your party affliation to democrat. Just sayin …


    The Rule of Law, and Proposition 8

    Cross-posted from Uncommon Right. The most interesting, most controversial, and most watched ballot item after the race for the White House was California’s Proposition 8. The initiative to amend the California Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. It predictably came down to a battle between religion and secularism. At least, in general. There are of course religious people who opposed the measure, and secular people who | Read More »

    A Gay Conservative’s Take on Prop 8

    I am a gay conservative lawyer, who studied constitutional law during law school (though I now work in the tax field), so the issue of gay marriage and what has happened in California has meaning to me on many levels even though I make every effort to avoid ever stepping foot in California. In short – I’m thrilled that the people of California have put | Read More »

    I Was A Mormon Missionary

    …and this was exactly what my mission was like. I loved walking into peoples homes and sifting through their belongings and tearing up things. Especially with a sinister laugh. But I never got the cool “Enforcement Division” badge. That would have have made my job a bit easier. A couple thoughts: These missionaries were in the wrong, since Missionary rules dictate that elders shouldn’t go | Read More »

    Pastor Rick Warren on Marriage…

    I’ve been critical of some of Rick Warren’s leanings over the last few years. I was very concerned about the discussion he held with BO and McCain at Saddleback, but to his credit, he did an excellent job and proved me wrong. He’s done it again…

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