Lessons Learned from Tuesday’s Primary Results

    The August 3rd primaries in Michigan, Missouri and Kansas gave political junkies yet another opportunity to peer into the mind and psyche of the American electorate. So…what fresh, new insights did last night’s results give us? Well, if you ever wondered whether or not your vote makes a difference, or whether you should really send out that email to your list of friends and relatives shilling | Read More »

    Prop C Passes easily

    (originally posted at St Louis Examiner) Proposition C passes by an overwhelming support. 73% – 27% Will the people in Washington, DC finally get the message. We do not want the nanny state and the Government dictating how we live our daily lives. via Ballotpedia: The Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C is on the August 3, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri as an legislatively-referred | Read More »