Judicial ESP

    p>I wish I were U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. He can read the minds of people who voted for legislation that gets tested before his bench. That’s an amazing ability. It puts him on a par with the mighty Wizard of Oz, the powerful wizard of the Emerald City. In ruling against Proposition 8, which denied the validity of homosexual marriage in California, he demonstrated | Read More »

    Judging Morality

    Disregarding the considered opinion of the majority of California voters because the judge did not like the source of that opinion is nothing short of judicial malpractice.

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    Three Quick Observations on Glenn Reynolds Prop8 links.

    Instapundit link here. In order: Not Exactly Rocket Science: Good advice, and good luck on expecting anybody to heed it. Petrelis Files: Actually, the HRC is in the business of electing Democrats, and everything went Tuesday as they intended. They’re going to get away with it, too: what are you going to do, vote Republican or something? Tiny Cat Pants: Actually, there’s a very simple | Read More »