Greenpeace Admits to Global Warming Propaganda

    BBC journalist Stephen Sackur exposed the Arctic ice sheet melt mistruth peddled by the environmental group Greenpeace in an interview with its executive director Gerd Leipold. Incredibly when Leipold was pressed on the claim that the entire 1.6 million square kilometer (620,000 square mile) Greenland ice sheet would melt by 2030, he admitted that it was unfounded and the organization ’emotionalized’ issues to further its | Read More »

    The 2nd Amendment and Despicable Propaganda Slurs

    By the skillful use of social opprobrium, liberal opponents of 2nd Amendment Rights have stigmatized what the Constitution and The Bill of Rights prevent them from legally banning. This approach has yielded palpable results, which we’ve seen in conversation and all over blogs across the land. Yes, we still have the right to keep and bear arms. No, the cool kids don’t want to play with you if you exercise that right. Weisenthal tries so pathetically hard to be cool.

    Firearm ownership has unfairly become a proxy by which the prevailingly trendy judge the sophistication, intellect, social class and sanity of the gun owner. If a person meets a stranger and learns nothing else about him except that he owns two AK’s and a 30.06, the mental judgments immediately get formed. With no other information in hand, the average American from a city or a wealthy suburb is likely to classify the gun owner as a raving Wingnut. DHS has to keep a close watch on the sort of person who walks around quoting Thomas Jefferson in unguarded moments.

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    Total Blindness to Unintended Consequences has made a commendable and manful effort to wade through a dense thicket of data obfuscation. They have poured over all 40 pages of a recent study of how the current Cap’N Trade bill, volleyed about Congress, would impact the profitability of S&P 500 corporations. The study, itself, is a little too boring to read to the kids, but it marks a nice effort to merge financial investigation and fabulist storytelling.

    The report, “Carbon Risks and Opportunities in the S&P 500,” was put together by the not-for-profit Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute and Trucost, a global provider of environmental data and analysis.

    Regrettably Greenbiz got taken for a ride and doesn’t see too many problems with Cap’N Trade. They tell us to relax, the PMT is chump-change and we can always refinance the ARM before the rate adjusts. If you believe in fairy-tales, here’s what Peter Pan got off his handy-dandy Excel Spreadsheet.

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    American Principles Project: Winning on Principle

    A few weeks ago phineas gage commented at Be John Galt, Conservatism does not need to be reinvented. It needs to be remembered. Well, today I am excited to introduce to you the American Principles Project, launched Thursday, May 28th, at a press conference by Robert P. George, J.D., D.Phil., the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Founder and Director of the James Madison Program in | Read More »

    Unrepentant Propaganda

    Since our DFL (Democratic Farm-Labor) party has decided to steal this senate seat by stuffing ballot boxes and ignoring absentee ballots from GOP leaning districts, half a senator has represented the great state of Minnesota.  However, rather than looking at the pathetic, left leaning job that senator has been doing, the press is pumping up her image.  Amy Klobuchar is a mediocre politician who follows | Read More »

    Preempting Pravda & Interpreting Izvestia

    Vladimir Bukovsky, the great anti-Soviet dissident, once reproved me for quoting the old joke about the two main official Soviet newspapers: “There’s no truth in Pravda [Truth] and no news in Izvestia [News.]” He pointed out that you could learn a great deal of truthful news from both papers if you read them with proper care. In particular, they often denounced “anti-Soviet lies.” These lies | Read More »

    Wisconsin’s Shovel-Ready Project Ready to Go…in 2011

    The state of Wisconsin is all set to use the money it received from Porkulus for a “shovel-ready” project: The largest transportation project in state history will expand Interstate 94 to eight lanes between the Mitchell interchange and Kenosha County. The project is expected to last seven years. The $1.9 billion project — even bigger than the just-completed Marquette Interchange — will rebuild the entire | Read More »

    Obama launches propaganda war against Republicans

    Mike Allen reports that as resistance builds against President Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much, Obama counters with propaganda bold enough to match his audacious attempt to move the nation far to the left: The White House on Sunday began harnessing  every part of the Democratic Party’s machinery to defend President Obama’s budget and portray Republicans | Read More »

    Proposal For RedState and ‘The Party’

    This post is in reference to the concept presented in ‘this post’. First off, allow me to commend Ron Robinson’s intent! The party should be all about outreach and contact and activism, but Republicans, by our very nature are not activists. Activism in Republican circles always amounts to a great start and a quick fade. Protesters do not stand up and march for the proper, | Read More »

    It was good enough for Adolph

    Just like Hitler… there is nothing like having a common enemy. To Hitler it was the Jews. He rallied the propaganda to attack and blame it all on the Jews and he bound together a nation based on a common enemy. Today, Obama is doing the same thing with Limbaugh. Drudge carries the headline as “WHITE HOUSE PLOTS LIMBAUGH COVERAGE; TEAM OBAMA TARGETS PRIVATE CITIZEN.” | Read More »

    Barack Obama license plates are here!

    Barack Obama license plates are here! Illinois Library Association selling online. More Dear Leader propaganda is now available for residents of Illinois.  The Illinois Library Association is selling Barack Hussein Obama license plates. That’s right folks you can now worship as you drive down the road with this State sponsored propaganda. Link here. Cross posted at

    Where The Votes Are, And Why We’re Not Winning Them.

    NOTE: This started as a response to Fred Maidment’s comment here and ended up becoming this … so if this seems disjointed, it’s all Fred’s fault – :-). Where the votes are is in the “middle” – that undefined muddled plurality of the electorate that is at best marginally informed, that only really pays attention to the “issues” in the last few weeks (when its | Read More »

    Environmentalism now has a book of Revalation

    Here’s my review for “The Day the Earth Stood Still”: THE CHURCH OF ENVIRONMENTALISM HAS A “REVELATION”   Like any good religion, Environmentalism has come up with their own prophetic vision of the end of the world: their own “Book of Revelation” if you will. The name of this story: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Spoiler alert: this movie sucks, so I’m just going | Read More »

    The Worst Indictment Of Our Media

    Don’t click on the video unless you can check your anger. These fools canceled our votes!

    On Media Bias

    Media’s Presidential Bias and DeclineColumnist Michael Malone Looks at Slanted Election Coverage and the Reasons WhyColumn By MICHAEL S. MALONEOct. 24, 2008 — The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game — with their readers, with the Constitution and with their own fates.