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    I am so ticked off right now, I cannot hardly contain myself! Being a grandmother, and having a store with collectibles, I do my marketing on some web sites that I can get a feel for what young parents need and it’s nice to have input as I am also a nurse. I signed up at a few months ago. I have not been | Read More »

    OBEY Obama

    As I wrote yesterday, the Obama campaign has been using some pretty creepy artwork to promote its candidate. A couple of comments asked for details on the links between OBEY and Shepard Fairey and the Obama campaign. See the two comments I left on that post. One contains links to images, some on the Obama site itself. The other contains text available up on the | Read More »

    Professor Obama’s angst-ladened college road show

    I was impressed, as many have been, with the artistry of the Obama campaign posters. Yet, apart from the overall artistry, something bothers me about the theme: the strong monochromes, the use of a single over-hyped word with little real meaning, Obama looking off in the distance like – like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che. These posters seem so familiar. They look an awful lot like | Read More »

    What is the creepiest Obama cult propaganda you’ve seen this week?

    I know I’m not the first to write about this, but it seems that the proliferation of Obama cult-worship on the internet has reached unprecedented proportions in recent weeks, and nowhere is this more evident than on youtube and related video websites. For that reason, I’m writing this diary to serve (I hope) as a clearing house for the creepiest Obamamessiah propaganda online. My first | Read More »

    Further Explorations of Left-Wing Psychology

    Readers of my occasional little essays know that I have often used the phrase “Orwellian” to describe Democrat claims, and my nickname for Big Brobama derives from Orwell’s 1984. The reason for these references is simple: they work. Democrats and the left-wing have mastered doublethink, the ability to state a lie, know it is a lie, yet believe the opposite simultaneously. How has this happened? | Read More »

    “Radio Free Europe”

    During the coldest days of the “Cold War” the oppressed people of Eastern Europe were starving to hear the truth regarding what was going on in the World … The News. Those who were seeking the Truth found it via “Radio Free Europe” and it informed and sustained millions of people who heard nothing but propaganda 24 x 7. Allow me to list some of | Read More »

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    The Under-Educated Republicans

    It is a core belief of the Democrat faithful that they are better-educated than we are, which allows them to understand the Truth that is Obama. Nothing could be further from the real truth. I’ll stack up my degrees against any Democrat, and so can most of you judging from the quality of writing seen here, but that’s not the point. The simple fact is | Read More »

    Russia, you keep using that word.

    Via Josh Treviño, the headline of a Russian newspaper (since changed when the propaganda was exposed): Peacekeepers seize Army base inside Georgia. It now says “leave” instead of “seize,” but you can’t leave a base unless you entered it at some point, could you? We all must take down the names of anyone who parrots the Russian imperialist (literally, they’re expanding the empire here) point | Read More »

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