I would like to thank the pro-health care rationing folks for their help.

    Thanks in large part to your activities – and according to Rasmussen: 49% “have a favorable opinion of those opposing the health care reforms at town hall meetings” (41% last month). 59% “say the town hall protesters are citizens reflecting the concerns of their neighbors (49% last month). 56% “say that it’s more important for Congressmen to hear the view of their constituents rather than | Read More »

    Humiliation works

    Remember when the Red Cross raised money after 911 and then announced it was really just a donation and not for the victims of 911? The outcry made them change their minds. Union card check is very unpopular with voters. Democrats positions on immigration are unpopular as well. Adding half a million foreign work visas, ending e-verify for employment, not completing a border fence a | Read More »