The Growling PUMAs Hunt The Red-Livered Obamacrat. (And Jacksonians KNOW a Thing or Two About Hunting…)

    We will not forget those Obamacare votes. We will not forgive being called a racist because we don’t support this terrible man and his awful agenda. We will not be silenced. -Kevin Dujan (HT: In 2008, a movement was born. In 2008 the GOP seemed like a dying man crawling his last 100 yards through the desert. In 2008, it appeared the Democratic Party | Read More »

    PUMA’s and the Electoral College

    There are several scenarios given the states that are in play where we could have an electoral college tie or a win by Obama by just a vote or two. Given the nature who the electors are (long-time party donors and loyalists), and the fact that under the Constitution they are free agents (though some states make them sign pledges), do you suppose there are | Read More »

    This Election Is Not About Republicans vs. Dems

    Confession: Two weeks ago I felt myself succumbing to a terrible depression that was specific to this election as well as the market, which appeared unable to find any solid footing. I admit it. I was wimpy. I was fearful. But I don’t believe I was alone. Truthfully, I can’t even remember what was actually happening two weeks ago, this election cycle has been such | Read More »


    I sometimes visit the PUMA websites Hillbuzz and as I imagine some of you do. Unlike the liberal Republican weak knees and, the so called, conservative pundits who give up before a shot is fired, PUMAS are optimists. They don’t waiver in their support of McCain. They roll up their sleeves and walk the walk. They also put their money where their mouth is | Read More »

    This quote from Hillbuzz is profound

    This is up on the front page at Hillbuzz, one of the PUMA sites: We’ve appreciated the comments written here by members of the Ace-of-Spades and Little Green Footballs communities — we’re glad to have you here, and are as proud and grateful to be working with you towards the common goal of defeating Obama and his socialism as many of you have said about | Read More »


    Two more (unnoticed) benefits of selecting Palin as VP

    As many have note in previous post the Pick of Palin has many advantages but I think that two of them were left unmentioned elsewhere: Firstly it neutralized one of the planned Democratic attacks in favor of Obama-that you are making history by voting for him and if you dare not to vote for him you’re a racist and bringing so much shame to the | Read More »

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