Twice as Hard! Really?

    When Obama’s deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told his constituates to “punch back twice as hard” he officially entered into direct conflict with a majority of the country. If I did this, I would be arrested for inciting a riot. Mr. Bipartisan Barack told everyone to keep quiet and stop talking (disagreeing) with him while he “cleans up” the country. It gets even worse. | Read More »

    The Purple People Eaters.

    There is a new enlightenment sweeping across the world that believes that mediocrity hiding under the moniker of “unity” is the way of the future. They use key words like “progress”, “post-partisanship” and “purple” to describe the way to transcend from our former “soviet state” of red and blue. Be not deceived. That distinct noise you hear ringing in your ears is called the death | Read More »

    Today’s Republicans, Coach Joyner and a smelly locker room. The way back.

    For some reason that smell still holds memories for me, even eighteen years later. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very pleasant smell and that probably has something to do with why it still lingers after all this time. Coach Joyner was the new coach who entered the locker room after our first game, which was not a success and in fact was the moment that we | Read More »