Obama: The Worst Chess Player Ever

    It has been announced that Medvedev and Putin, they dynamic duo of the new Communist Russia have reached, or nearly reached agreements with Cuba and Venezuela to host Russian strategic bombers.  Now, while many readers are thinking to themselves that this is going to be Cuban Missile Crisis Part Two, a few things should first be examined.  While JFK was untested as a president, he was well tested | Read More »

    Looking for someone to read? (Guy Gavriel Kay)

    I was originally going to do a you’ll-like-this-guy – A Song for Arbonne is brilliant, you’ll love everything that he does, buy everything that he wrote – but never mind that now: read this article about the recent Russian poll of the greatest Russian ever. (Stalin in third, Lenin in sixth): It would feel self-indulgent to launch a jeremiad about how very, very evil Lenin | Read More »

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    Russian Leaders Look Forward to a Good Ole Soviet Style Rolling of Obama

    There are only two Americans in the last century that the Russians truly came to fear. Ronald Reagan and George S. Patton. What Reagan and Patton understood, communicated; and in the case of Reagan, acted upon, was the idea that the Russians not only respect true strength but those who show the ability to use that strength to achieve just means.

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    Vladimir Putin von Mises

    Obama’s OJT Benefits a Restless Russia

    On the job training work well when the task is to open the large bag of fries, pour the fries into the basket, lower the basket, press the button, wait for the loud beep, raise the basket. On the job training does not work when you assume the responsibility of leading the most powerful nation on the planet having had no prior executive experience.   | Read More »

    Photos of Obama and Putin Interesting(?)

    The Drudge Report has two shirtless photos posted today.  One of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama and one of Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin.  There is a poll beneath the pictures where visitors can vote for which “leader” looks better with his shirt off.  Although both look better than me, neither looks particularly good.  That being said however, the thing that struck me most about the two | Read More »


    MINOR STORIES OF INTERESTING TIMES May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese aphorism and, for better or worse, we seem to be living in very interesting times.  Whether our times will be times to remember fondly is another matter entirely. None of the following stories come close to matching the newsworthiness of the debacle in Illinois where Governor Rod Blagosomething had a | Read More »

    Of Russian bombers and Alaskan airspace

    LA Times media scribe James Rainey mocks Sarah Palin for her pointing out, in the Katie Couric interview: It’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. In his hit piece, Raines wonders: | Read More »

    Why Gov. Palin Should Meet The Press

    I am a very conservative person and I don’t just throw my vote away. It’s definately not going to Obama and I am not crazy about McCain. Sarah was great giving her speech but is she ready to deal with Putin? With China? With Iran? With a declining dollar and loose nukes? What is her world view? Is she a realist? A neocon? A carbon | Read More »

    It’s Time For Congress To Take Stand Against Russian Aggression

    We are the Party of Lincoln and Reagan. This is our moment to stand with Georgia; it is our moment to make a strong moral statement and take action against Russia’s military invasion of a free and sovereign neighbor. Representative Thaddeus McCotter from my home state of Michigan, Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, is rallying members of Congress to have Georgian President Mikheil | Read More »

    Cliché Diplomacy: “Peace Through Speech”

    In wake of revanchist Russia’s invasion of Georgia, a sovereign democracy allied with the United States and Europe, the stunned Bush administration’s response to this failure of “quiet diplomacy” and “engagement” policy with Comrade Putin – he of the soulful eyes – was initially one of stammered clichés, each of which is revelatory, juvenile and injurious. Consequently, to further the cause of liberty and security, | Read More »

    The Sinister Cheney-Putin-Bush Triangle

    sarcasm I’m surprised it actually took this long for the link to be uncovered. It is so obvious. Putin is on McCain’s campaign committee and realized drastic measures were necessary to assure McCain’s victory. The whole invasion of small, peripheral nations which is so uncharacteristic of the Russians, now makes sense. /sarcasm How long before the conspiracy theorists at the Kos latch on to this | Read More »

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    Georgia’s defeat and America’s options.

    This piece originally appeared at joshuatrevino.com. What Mikheil Saakashvili began at his discretion, Vladimir Putin ends at his pleasure. The Russians have called a halt to their offensive in Georgia, and none too soon for the Georgians. What remains is the postwar settlement, and the American part in it. A look at the situation on the ground speaks to the Russian dominance of the little | Read More »

    Putin’s Eyes

    Those who are fond of repeating the Democrats’ talking point that a McCain victory would be a “Bush third term” should consider this: After meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2001, President Bush said: I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue.I was able to get a sense of his | Read More »

    The Georgian Cease Fire and the Markets

    Reuters reports that the Russians have halted operations ahead of their meeting with Sarkozy, and have softened their stance on the President of Georgia’s resgination. Link The article tries to draw a connection between the collapse of the rouble and the Russian stock market and Russia’s cease fire. It’s an interesting point, since the tumble began when Russia launched its offensive into Georgia, and a | Read More »