South Carolina and Florida: What’s the Story?

    Heading into South Carolina and Florida, the media is pushing the narrative that those primaries will allow Romney to seal his victory. For the remaining viable challengers to have any chance, this narrative needs to change. According to RCP, the SC and FL polling currently looks like: SC: 31.3 Romney, 20.7 Santorum, 19.7 Gingrich, 10.7 Paul, 5.0 Perry, 2.3 Huntsman FL: 33.0 Romney, 25.0 Gingrich, | Read More »


    founding fathers save US !

    The president is not an old-style monarch, empowered in wartime to make up rules as he goes along to defend his subjects. He is not the law. He must obey the law, as all citizens must. And in a series of actions and decisions after 9/11, President George W Bush in effect broke the law, violated his oath of office and pushed the limits of | Read More »

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    Reading McCain’s web site, R v. W

    According to his web site, McCain opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes, but supports adult stem cell research. He believes schools and libraries should restrict access to sexually explicit material by children using computers, and that pedophiles who use computers should have an additional ten years added to any conviction. He believes that convicted sex offenders should register all online accounts | Read More »

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