Democrats Do the Most Damage to Their Own

         A teacher friend of mine who’s incredibly passionate about her job, told me a story that – better than anything else I’ve heard or seen- illustrates what an Obama Presidency means to the black community. She told of several formerly problem kids who’d had no goals, no work ethic, kids who literally were planning to just collect welfare, who overnight became inspired to study – to try | Read More »

    If it wins the White House, what’s the big deal in setting Americans against each other?

    **Thanks so much for posting the You Tube video of Obama and “the white guy in the suburbs who doesn’t want to pay taxes……” That quote, in his voice, needs to be overlaid on the text, “Not only did he lie to you, not only did he know exactly what Jeremiah Wright was like, but Barack Obama clearly practices what he heard from Pastor Wright | Read More »

    Threats From The Mouth of Sauron

    It seems James Carville and David Gergen just had to warn us before it became too late. They have to save America the same way Madame Royale had to save France. There would be “disturbances” if the “right” candidate didn’t win. David Gergen broached the topic with the customary subtlety of an advisor/hack from both Republican and Democratic administrations. “I think it’s too early to | Read More »

    Steve Cohen and the KKK?

    We’ve had a couple of front page posts on the particularly vile and nasty Democrat primary fight going on in TN-9 between incumbent Steve Cohen and challenger Nikki Tinker for what is essentially the general election, too. I don’t have much use for Cohen. And neither does Nikki Tinker. But for different reasons. You see, I don’t have any use for Cohen because he’s just | Read More »

    From the Dog Whistle: Barack Obama Is Gay

    UPDATED: Jonathan Chait barks at the dog whistle. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama campaign and the media, to the extent that they aren’t congruent sets, have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama can’t beat John McCain on the issues. Obama’s entire history on the war in Iraq has been proven to be wrong in every particular. His solutionto our part of | Read More »

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