Dem Chairman Dean Continues Playing Obama Camp’s Race Cards

    The Boston Globe reports that on NPR today the national chairman of the Democrats’ called the Republican Party the “white” party: “If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic Party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the Republican Party,” Dean said at one point. You can listen the Democrats’ chairman continue to play Obama’s | Read More »

    Majority See Obama’s Dollar Bills Comments As Racist

    Rasmussen Reports found a majority of voters (53%), see Obama’s comments that he does not look like all the other presidents on dollar bills as racist. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters have seen news coverage of Senator McCain’s “Celeb” ad, which compares the Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and suggests the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee is little more than a widely recognized media concoction. | Read More »

    The John Edwards Test

    The Obama campaign and its supporters have been quick to throw around charges of racism when their candidate has been criticized. I propose the following easily-applied thought experiment before evaluating such charges: would Republicans say the same thing about John Edwards? Edwards is not, of course, precisely identical to Obama, but if you were conducting a test for racial bias and needed a white “tester” | Read More »

    Rick Davis schools David Axelrod on race card

    Mark has addressed some of Barack Obama’s campaign’s handling of the “race card” issue. But it is worth watching the appearance. It is astonishing that Axelrod was so unprepared for this: Note that the closing argument that Obama has never proposed an energy tax increase is laughably false with today’s Politico story about funding a $1,000 rebate with a tax on energy companies. Axelrod is | Read More »

    Spot The Differences

    Senator Obama and his allies in the liberal press are flummoxed and mystified by assertions that Obama is playing the race card. Yet, Obama keeps on pointing out that we are being “scared” by “they” because he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on the dollar bill. I guess he’s trying to entertain us with some of those fun, Sunday paper-style puzzles. I tried | Read More »

    African American protestors heckle Obama

    African American protestors holding a banner reading “What about the black community Obama?” heckled Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Florida on Friday. Three men stood up as Obama was talking about the economy during a townhall meeting in St Petersburg in Florida, a key battleground state in Obama’s duel with Republican John McCain in November’s election. “What about the black community?” the protestors chanted. | Read More »

    Racist Campaign Ad Watch

    Given that our betters have been instructing us that it’s racist to depict or associate Barack Obama with white women, I have investigated and uncovered scandalous new evidence of more ads and campaign videos that have used this racist tactic. Read on for the evidence of this smear campaign directed at Senator Obama:

    Whitey need not apply

    Whitey Need Not Apply By Patrick J. Buchanan “Will race be an issue in this campaign?” Hearing the cable talk-show host solemnly pose the question, Icould not suppress a belly laugh. For the anchor was fearful that some white folks might reject Obamabecause he is African-American — even as a Rasmussen poll wasreporting that Barack is beating McCain among black voters 94 to 1.

    Acceptance of Arrogant Obama Critique Says a Lot About the Media

    After months of adulatory press (minus a few weeks of Jeremiah Wright), have the national media finally begun responding to a large-scale critique of Barack Obama? Yes, argues Politico reporter Carrie Budoff Brown in a piece which she alleges that the Illinois senator is now being hit for being too arrogant: Barack Obama’s critics laid down the foundations of the strategy months ago: The Republican | Read More »

    John McCain Does Not Think That Campaigning Against Barack Obama Makes Him A Racist

    Back when this campaign started in the beginning of 2007, I had a low opinion of many things about Barack Obama – his experience, his policy positions, his voting record, his knowledge of national security matters. But naive liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and sometimes they do have something useful to contribute to public debate. The one thing Obama’s 2004 convention speech and occasional public | Read More »

    Barack Obama plays the race card. The media denies Barack Obama is playing the race card.

    John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, called out Obama today saying, “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It’s divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.” The media, though, is denying that Obama played the race card. They do not want to believe that their golden boy has stooped so low, so soon. By the way, do | Read More »

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