Have the Southern Democrats Come Back?

    On Race, or country has come a long way, but some are acting as the Dixie Democrats are still in power. There is racism in this country, and it comes from all races, not just one. I often wonder how people come to the collusion the girl in the above video has.  In what society does she live in?  Who is teaching her “male black bodies are | Read More »

    The Ultimate, Unspoken Obama Strategy in 2012

         Back in early 2008 when Barack Obama, an innocuous Senator from Illinois, began to make rumblings in the Democratic primaries against the Clinton machine, I began to investigate this fellow.  Of course, I remembered his 2004 Democratic convention speech and the fact that he was an alleged rising star within the Democratic Party.  From 2004 until his election as President, in fact, Obama’s Senatorial | Read More »