Tiger’s Three Wood Has a Grubby, Yucky Problem

    Addendum to the Grubby and the Tiger post: Let’s see if we have this straight… Tiger cheats on Elin with Rachel and Rachel is mad at Tiger for cheating on Rachel? Tiger thought Jamie Grubb (Grubby) would keep their sorted affair secret because everyone knows mistresses are people you can trust to be honest? If Jamie had kept her mouth shut Rachel would be none | Read More »

    Grubby and the Tiger

    Tiger Woods is a cad.  He is a lying, cheating, fraud who promoted himself to be something he was not.  The Colgate smile, the preppy dress and the golf cap, even being on the #10 highest rated Wheaties cereal box can no longer disguise the base nature of a man who broke a sacred covenant with his wife and his children.  All the money in the | Read More »