Racist Tea Party Sign Found

    Mean-spirited sign hinting of racial undertones.

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    Obama Is Opposed By Racists

    If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel then crying racism must be in the other half of the duplex. Many of us noted back during the ’08 primaries and general election that the Obama camp would cry racism at the drop of a hat. He performed poorly in Pennsylvania because of racism. He was trounced in WV because of racism. In August 2008, | Read More »

    “Welcome to Post-Racial America”; Open Thread

    The quoted part of this post’s title comes from DRJ at Patterico’s; the pictures say it all. There is a link to Cliff Thier at American Thinker who opines: Mark today [ed. note: Sep. 12, 2009] as the date that the mainstream media put a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger. Then of course, there is Kanye West at last night’s MTV Video | Read More »


    What is the shortest time span known?

    The amount of time between criticizing Obama or someone in his administration and the first hysterical screams of “racism.”

    And just like clockwork, the Van Jones race baiting begins

    In Saturday night’s late-night diary about the Jones resignation, I commented in the discussion threads that before the day was out today (Sunday), cries of “racism!” would sound. And just as predictably as the sun rising in the morning, there they are. From page 2 of the Politico story, published late Sunday: Some progressives said they saw racial overtones in Jones’ departure – which came | Read More »

    Have No Doubt, The Race Card Will Be Played

    I’ve been following along with the saga of President Obama’s “Green Czar”, someone who can’t define what a “green” job is (nor can anyone else), the self-avowed Communist Van Jones. The push to get him removed has done much to further put on display Obama’s past and present associations with outright radicals, and showing Obama to be as unserious as any of these people who | Read More »

    This is how they see you (image may be NSFW).

    [UPDATE]: I’ve had a copy of the image sent to me that includes the URL.  The Google cache for the site is here; as you can see, not only did the image originate from the site, but the author him/herself was present at the Reston Town Hall, writing posts about it.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think | Read More »

    The Republican Race Solution

    Continued from The Republican Race Problem – One of the sticking points with conservatism and race is our faith in the Constitution.   For a long time, the Constitution did not serve blacks in particular very well.   This, due to the unavoidable compromises necessary to bring different states into a single union.   We do need to gently remind doubters, however, that, much like | Read More »

    The Republican Race Problem

    The most shining moment of political awakening I received came via a cute liberal hippy chick with whom I worked in college.   She was going into great detail about the racism at Penn State when I said that I simply didn’t see it.  In fact, I said, it seemed to me that the college almost goes too far to recruit minorities, with special incentives | Read More »

    POTUS’s pushback/non-pushback on Paterson racism smear.

    I mean, I wouldn’t want to get referenced during the casual race-baiting of the Governor of New York either, but it happened.  Heck, it happened to me, too – at least, in the sense that I’m one of the amorphous mass of people being accused 0f racism because we think that David Paterson is an incompetent dunderhead*. Unlike the President, however, I don’t have aides | Read More »

    Well well well…look who is still stirring the pot of racism. Henry Louis Gates.

    What a fraud. File this under the category: I went to a White House beer summit and all I got to show for it is this big chip on my shoulder. This guy is a crock and he is still whining about being arrested as if he was like Nelson Mandela and just served 27 years in prison or some thing as he led a | Read More »

    Telling Signs

    There’s an old adage – “How do you know a politician’s lying? When their lips are moving!” Sad when it applies to the most powerful man in the United States. The broken promises are mounting as fast as his deficit numbers. But once a person internalizes the idea that he/she has been betrayed, then the trust so basic to a relationship is broken and it’s | Read More »

    MSNBC’s Pathetically Lame Response; Heads Should Roll

    As was expected, the brown-nosing, Obama-shilling, leg-thrilling, Democratic mainstream media didn’t say boo about MSNBC’s outrageous “Morning Meeting” segment that I wrote about yesterday, where MSNBC seems to want to start a race war in the so-called post-racial America run by Barack Obama. MSNBC themselves issued a response that further shows the network to be prostitutes of the Obama propaganda machine (as reported by the | Read More »

    Gawker Media: Only terrorist furriners have rights

    You may recall that during the Bush administration and the Presidential campaign, Gizmodo was constantly harping on wiretaps of terrorists. Specifically, Gizmodo claimed that the Bush-era program constituted “domestic spying,” that telecommunications firms spied as well, and that they ‘won’ out over the American people on the matter. They were practically in hysterics, hiding under sheets and crying into a camera “Leave the phones alone, | Read More »

    A Woman’s Insane Liberal Guilt

    Katrina Browne is a filmmaker. Apparently, her ancestors were Yankee slave traders (from Rhode Island). Because of her liberal guilt, America must continue its never-ending apologies to African-Americans for slavery. One of the things that is amazing to me about those on the left is that they will mention the Civil War in passing when discussing slavery, then move on to Jim Crow. Browne does | Read More »