Philly Inquirer: All Whites are Racists, ‘Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote’

    Did you know that all white people are so racist that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote? Did you know that people who are armed are stupid? Did you know that President Bush caused 9/11? Oh, and did you know that most of Pennsylvania is a “long dark chicken dance of the national soul”? Well, the Philadelphia Inquirer would like to school you in these | Read More »

    “Hit A Jew Day” At Suburban St. Louis Middle School

    “Hit A Jew Day” – Linked story at CBS News Website I’m kind of at a loss here. Yes, I’m Jewish by heritage. Did the whole Bar-Mitzvah thing, married and then divorced through the religion and I certainly believe in a just and almighty God. But when I see something like this, tears are what comes first, then outrage and deep anger. Also, there is | Read More »

    Does Webster’s Know About This?

    I’ve been reading Redstate for several years now, and have been a registered member for just over a year and a half. Up until now I have been content to read the fine analysis of other writers on this blog far more loquacious than I. However, I read an article that I had to comment on. The headline and first paragraph drew me in, and | Read More »

    Racism Backlash

    I really feel that the silent majority of Americans — Democrat, Republicans, Libertarians, and all other brands, are beginning to tire of Obama and his merry band of O-bots yelling “racist” when people’s opinions or events don’t fall in line with the automatic anointment of The One to the position of POTUS. As a result, the over-use of this word is leading people to being | Read More »

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    Voting – Psychology of the “Bandwagon” effect

    The Psychology of “Bandwagon effect” relates, sometimes, in Voting too. You’ve all understood this to some degree, even if you hadn’t thought about it consciously. You’ve seen it in some Presidential Races where the Voting in the Eastern States; a Landslide effect seems to be occurring, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, some would argue this explains Reagan’s landslides but it goes both ways; which | Read More »

    Senator Biden: indecisive voters just fighting off their latent racism.

    No, it’s not a direct quote. If it was a direct quote, it would have been five paragraphs long. OK, OK mean of me. He’s gotten much better; now it only takes Biden two paragraphs to get to the point. Biden: Voters “having a difficult time” electing first African American president As Election Day looms just over two weeks away, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., said | Read More »

    Big Surprise! McCain’s criticism of Obama’s tax plan is racist!

    According to Headline News, the Obama campaign’s latest defense against McCain’s charge that Obama’s tax plan is “welfare” is that this line of attack is racist. Looking down from Heaven (or more likely up from another place), even Johnny Cochrane must be impressed with this one.

    Jesse Jackson Speaks!

    Jesse Jackson recently gave an interview with the New York Post. While everyone seems to be focusing on the parts of the interview that deal with Israel, I think the reverend’s comments on race and society are far more illuminating:

    Apparently, A Halloween display with KKK McCain chasing Barack Obama is “friendly”…

    Not my choice of word: the local NAACP’s. Via AoSHQ: Halloween display aims for ‘shock value’ CATHARINE — Ron Havens has a reputation for provocative Halloween displays that reflect his strong political views. But even Havens was pretty sure his latest effort was over the top. That didn’t stop him from setting it up in plain sight anyway. Havens, who lives on Schuyler County Route | Read More »

    Racism in reverse

    “White guilt” as brought up by a conservitive talk show host on Fox News. As he explained the way the people over 60 look at the race issue compared to people under 30. I, being almost 50,look at this guilt as racism in reverse. Because to look at a person of any color and see them different,in any way is racism. We “all” are created | Read More »

    AP probably thinks this will *help*.

    How could we possibly ignore “El Presidente”? HAVANA (AP) — Fidel Castro says a “profound racism” in the United States will stop millions from voting for Barack Obama in next month’s presidential election. Read the article here. h/t to PageTurner at So this is where the Obama camp has been getting their talking points from. Now I get it! “We must hate — hatred | Read More »

    Barack Obama, Race-Baiter.

    Or are your internal polls telling you something? H/T Hot Air Skip to the end, where he informs the audience that they will not be “hoodwinked” or “bamboozled.” Sound familiar? Of course it does: he pulled the same trick against Hillary Clinton in South Carolina, as well-known VRWC rag The New Republic reported at the time: His use of the phrase is resonant. It comes | Read More »

    A Better America

    My father was a career officer in the Air Force, and a racist. He passed his views onto me, so that when I was in kindergarten and met my first black classmate, I belittled him as inferior because he was black. Once.

    Shouldn’t we be outraged?

    Here’s Peter Beinart’s column in Time, and it’s damn insulting. Writes Beinart: “[T]he McCain campaign’s strategy against Obama is actually kind of shocking. For years, the recipe for injecting race into a political campaign has been clear. … In the past, Republicans often used race to make their opponents seem anti-white. In 2008, with their incessant talk about who loves their country and who doesn’t, | Read More »


    The Messiah Is Merely A Chicago Style Politican

    The curtain has drawn on the third act of this tragedy. Liberal America for years had sought ways of overcoming the guilt of slavery while extending its agenda into the mainstream of America. Their message: Redistribute the wealth of this economy, guarantee the choices–good and poor–of every American, encourage class warfare through governance by the worker and submission by the rich and the elimination of | Read More »

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