Obama will end racism in Iraq

    It is all here, in an LA Times blog, and we cannot deny it. As he travels through the country, Razzaq carries with him the resumes and biographies of black Iraqis who he says have been denied jobs and high political appointments because of their race. If Obama wins in November, he’s hoping Iraq’s leaders will take a closer look at the documents and give | Read More »

    Playing the racist card

    Barack Obama accuses John McCain of playing the race card. Most voters seem to think it is Obama who is playing the race card, but he is actually doing something rather different. He is playing the racist card.There is a difference. The race card – as most people tend to define it – is about appealing to people on grounds of race: don’t vote for | Read More »

    Re: Worry on the Left

    …to BrianFaughnan’s quite good post, but I decided it was worth it’s own blog:Obama has two problems, here. The first is that he needs to “respond to every criticism leveled at him by a Republican operative,” simply because his party’s mythology is full of stories about The Democrat Who Wouldn’t Fight Back (instead of, say, The Democrat Who Fought Back Like an Idiot). He doesn’t | Read More »

    Who played the race card? Rasmussen finds that Obama did

    Rasmussen actually asked people: As for Obama’s comment, 53% of white voters saw it as racist, as did 44% of African-Americans and 61% of all other voters. So who was racist? Unaffiliated voters, by a five-to-one margin, said the McCain ad was not racist. By a much narrower 50% to 38% margin, unaffiliateds viewed Obama’s comment as racist.Perhaps the press and the lunatic lefty bloggers | Read More »

    Obama Running for President of Black America

    from politicalpyro.blogsome.com: John McCain recently revealed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he supported the proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that would ban “preferential treatment” on the basis of “race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” Barack Obama immediately fired back saying he was “disappointed” in McCain’s position.”You know, the truth of the matter is, these are not designed to solve a big | Read More »

    Is it Okay to Vote Against a Candidate Because of His Race?

    UPDATED and BUMPED: According to the Politico late yesterday, the Democrats have denied a request by Cohen for money to fight off Nikki Tinker. But, the Congressional Black Caucus has given Nikki Tinker $5,000.00 and additional fundraising support from Stephanie Tubbs Jones.The answer to the question is no. It is, in fact, the only acceptable answer and if you think otherwise, RedState is not a | Read More »

    Washington Post column smears all Michelle Obama detractors as racists

    Sunday’s Washington Post ran a column by a woman named Sophia Nelson. The title of the column tells you everything you need to know about it: “Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.”As little faith as I have in liberal newspapers such as The Washington Post, the fact that they would run this column is appalling. There are very real problems for America in having a first lady | Read More »

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