Shouldn’t we be outraged?

    Here’s Peter Beinart’s column in Time, and it’s damn insulting. Writes Beinart: “[T]he McCain campaign’s strategy against Obama is actually kind of shocking. For years, the recipe for injecting race into a political campaign has been clear. … In the past, Republicans often used race to make their opponents seem anti-white. In 2008, with their incessant talk about who loves their country and who doesn’t, | Read More »


    The Messiah Is Merely A Chicago Style Politican

    The curtain has drawn on the third act of this tragedy. Liberal America for years had sought ways of overcoming the guilt of slavery while extending its agenda into the mainstream of America. Their message: Redistribute the wealth of this economy, guarantee the choices–good and poor–of every American, encourage class warfare through governance by the worker and submission by the rich and the elimination of | Read More »

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    This is ME, I am this guy

    Notice the standing ovation! Mr. Obama

    Weighing in on Racism

    I often contemplate certain words and their meaning, and I am often taken aback by how loosely or carelessly some words are used today. Racism is such a word, and I have never in my life ever taken the word lightly or its meaning. Too many people have suffered terrible things because of it. It is a terrible word, an awful word, a word that | Read More »

    The Debate- The Final Question…

    2nd Presidential DebateThe last question of the debate, the gift question, a better question couldn’t have been sent by Ann Coulter herself; the lead in to the TELL ALL- McCain didn’t take the opportunity to close the deal! Wish I had the opportunity to “pinch hit” for him- it could have gone like this…..The last question. “What don’t you know, and how to correct it?”Good | Read More »

    I Want To Vote For A Black Man!

    I want to vote for a black man. I would love to vote for a woman for that matter. Or a Jew. Or a paraplegic. In fact, I’d really like to vote for a wheelchair-bound Jewish black woman. That would pretty much forever eliminate this ridiculous argument that America, as a whole, discriminates on the basis of skin color, sex, religion, or physical abilities. I | Read More »

    Is the AP racist?

    I was thinking about the recent flap over the AP’s decision to call Sarah Palin racist for calling Bill Ayers a “terrorist.” The claim is nonsensical on its face. Here is Governor Palin calling a white ’60’s anarchist a terrorist and the AP labels the claim “racist.” However, if you look deeper at what the AP was getting at, it speaks volumes on how they | Read More »

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    Educate the Idiots.

    Face the State, which refers to itself as “the ‘go-to’ news resource for Coloradans interested in state and local politics,” has obtained a confidential memo from the Colorado Democracy Alliance (a Colorado 527 group) which contains both a list of their operatives and the tasks assigned to them. The list of operatives includes the Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Gov. Bill Ritter’s press aide, | Read More »

    Congressman Alcee Hastings has shown his hand and played that race card!

    Today Congressman Alcee Hastings dropped his mask and played his hand and called Sarah Palin a racist. It seems that Mr. Hastingshas come to the conclusion that if you hunt moose you are also likely not to care about what happens to Jews and Americans of African descent. Only a racistfilled with hate could possibly believe this rant bears any semblance of truth.How Jewish Americans, | Read More »

    Obama and Race

    Hi Readers! I’m hearing some rumbles that Barack Obama’s ethnicity may prevent him from becoming U.S. President. It’s true that I am not, and will never be, a Barack Obama fan. But, my reasons are simply based on the fact that we don’t agree with one another on the issues. Never have…never will. However, I have zero patience and no tolerance whatsoever for racists. Too | Read More »

    Racist Idiots Vote Against Obama

    It’s already begun, the excuses from the shrill left for yet another loss. Those that don’t vote for Obama are stupid racists! Folks that either can’t stand seeing a black man succeed or people too stupid to understand that Obama and the left know best. It’s pretty clear that so long as the Democratic party misunderstands their opponent, they will never win the Presidency. The | Read More »

    When all else fails, there’s always the good old race card!

    So far in the general election campaign racism has only come up tangentially. In the primary campaign it was hauled out to successfully silence America’s First Black President when the going got tough.

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    Franken: McCain’s a Lying Old Racist

    Al Franken took time out from a busy Senate campaign for the opener to yesterday’s Saturday Night Live. He’s as original as ever. Franken again plays the racism card without base, and (get this) says McCain is OLD! I wonder why people don’t think Saturday Night Live is funny anymore?

    Racist Democrats may cost Obama the election

    The Associated Press speculates that if Barack Obama loses this upcoming election, racism may be the factor the factor which tips the balloting toward John McCain. That racism, they assert, will have been exhibited by Democrats against a Democrat. This theory is based on a Yahoo-AP poll: [A]n AP-Yahoo News poll … found one-third of white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks — many calling | Read More »

    Racist Dems cost Obama the presidency?

    There’s a whole lot to be spun out of this poll and analysis. Appreciate the significant finding that those on this side of the aisle don’t support Obama because of his positions and the content of his character, not the color of his skin. GOP, the party that makes progress, while Sen. Byrd’s and Biden’s remain stuck in the past. *Lots of Republicans harbor prejudices, | Read More »