How Harming Business Is Harming YOU!

    In America, we have experienced unprecedented growth. We have created wealth that most countries can only gape at and wonder how we did this. America has boomed beyond most any other country out there in so many ways: Research Production Transportation Wealth Goods per capita Folks in America take a lot of things for granted. They curse a company like Wal Mart while loving the | Read More »


    Dear Friends:  I wanted to insure that as many people knew as possible that Larry Elder, conservative Sage from LA, is planning to do a Subscription Podcast. He is currently in the planning stage.  I am really excited about the possibility of hearing him again, as I miss his wisdom during this turbulent time.  Details can be found my clicking HERE. Now, if we can | Read More »


    RedState on the Radio

    Guess I should have put this up as a stand alone post this morning.Today from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET, I’m filling in on the radio in Macon, GA. You can listen live here and call in to the show at (478) 742-0940.We’ve been talking healthcare, the AARP’s endorsement of Obamacare, local issues, Georgia issues, etc.

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    Want To Destroy Conservative Talk Radio? We Got A Czar For That

    The Obama administration is truly the place where Czars are made daily. Name your problem, concern, wish, or desire, and somewhere, for better or worse, there is an Obama Czar with power, authority, and funds to address the problem. The question that seems to come up repeatedly is: why do we need Czars that mirror other department agency heads? For example, why do we need | Read More »

    The NEWEST Conservative Site and one of the Best! blog Radio humor you name it! All Conservatives need to go to this site. Please also Spread this site around. We as Conservatives need men like Kevin Jackson on our Side!

    Last day on the air

    Today is my last day on air here in Macon, GA. I’ve been filling in on 940 WMAC-AM. You can listen here: If you are interested, you can always call in at 478-742-0940. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m covering local, state, and federal issues.


    Fred Thompson Radio Show dot Com

    Right this minute I am listening to the dulcet tones of Fred Thompson on the radio. You too can listen at Today’s Program: Hour 1 Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) Will talk about the economic stimulus package and his refusal to accept some government funds from his state. Hour 2 Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Will talk about the top issues of the day, including President | Read More »

    PACs 4 Palin

    Sarah Palin has some new blessings to be thankful for over the Thanksgiving holidays.Earlier this week, the America Deserves Better PAC uveiled its promised television ad saying “thank you” to Alaska’s governor. Basically, its a video thank-you note, with a number or ordinary-looking folks offering their thanks to Palin for all she’s done. Nice sentiments, but not very imaginative production techniques. It comes in both | Read More »

    GM’s Advertising on Conservative Talk Radio — Purposeful?

    I’m an avid listener of talk radio. And I was heartened last year when I heard Limbaugh say that GM was becoming a sponsor of his show. “Great,” I thought. “I like seeing major advertisers buying into talk radio.” And my happiness grew when I learned that GM was also buying spots on Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s shows. But all of this talk about | Read More »

    TMR Presents: Aftermath Radio

    Join us tonight for the debut of our brand new Blog Talk Radio show AFTERMATH as we feature election reaction and explore what’s next for the Party and who will lead it! Show starts at 8:30pm PST Please feel free to join the chat and call in: Call-in Number: (646) 378-1882


    Spanish Radio Will Doom The Fairness Doctrine.

    Defining the issue of “fairness” is nearly impossible in one language, yet doing it in two is impossible. The traditional model called for a far-right comment to be met with an equal but far-left comment, or a moderate-right comment to be met with its moderate-left counterpart. This alone is nearly impossible to define but now consider the issues of culture. How a comment does considered | Read More »

    The Fairness Doctrine: a blessing in disguise?

    Tonight, Drudge links to a story on the NY Post web site about the prospects that the Reid/Pelosi/Macho Bambi triumvirate will re-institute the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.” I personally believe that will be one of the first acts of the Democrat Regime. But is this all bad? The Post article mentions “a new Fairness Doctrine would drive political talk radio off the dial.” That could happen. | Read More »

    Erstwhile Conservative Radio Talk Host Comes out for Obama

    Long critical of the McCain campaign’s clumsy strategeries, Philly talk radio host Michael Smirconish outed himself to his radio audience at the tail end of his Friday morning show that he is voting for Obama. The former Bush 41 HUD appointee and celebrity MC at Bush 43 campaign events in Pennsylvania defended himself by not defending himself. Instead, he pointed out that he has never | Read More »

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    John McCain’s radio: Jab at Obama

    John McCain’s radio: Jab at Obama “Good morning. This is John McCain, speaking to you from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Here and all across our country, people are wondering what exactly is happening on Wall Street. And with good reason, they want to know how their government will meet the crisis. Clear answers are hard to come by in Washington. There are certainly plenty of places | Read More »

    On the Air

    That’s right. I’ve been filling in as co-host of a morning radio show in Macon, Georgia. We talk local, state, and national issues from 6am to 9am each weekday morning on AM 940 WMAC in Macon, Georgia. If you want to, you can listen here. Likewise, you can call in if you want at 478-742-0940.

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