Put Children First.

    I was lucky enough to make it to the DC School Choice Rally (sponsored by DC Children First and DC Parents for School Choice) today, thanks to a (liberal) friend of mine who was able to watch my son for a few hours – and who didn’t mind being asked for a favor like this on very short notice. Then again, she and her husband | Read More »

    Columbus Tea Party Early Report

    I stopped briefly by the Columbus Tea Party, which began on the State House lawn at 6:00.  I’d estimate the crowd at about 1500 to 2000 and still growing, albeit slowly, at 6:45.  It was pretty easy to calculate that there were 400 to 500 on the State House steps, and from there estimate the numbers on the ground.  That struck me as a pretty good crowd | Read More »

    American Flags Confiscated by Secret Service at Political Rally

    I Just got back from the Sarah Palin Rally in West Chester, Ohio (a Cincinnati suburb), and frankly I am still livid. I took a small (8″x11″) American flag with me, on a 25″ wooden stick 5/16″ in diameter. Actually the dimensions did not matter because the Secret Service was confiscating all flags on any stick. I was told my options were to leave the | Read More »

    The Freedom blood has been shed for

    A long history of promoting freedom and liberty is undeniably the heritage of America. A proud history, of the willingness to pay the price of blood shed and lives lost to bring freedom to the oppressed. Freedom from tryanny. Freedom from government control. Today, the people who have been granted that freedom, do what they can to limit that freedom for others who do not | Read More »

    Watch Sarah Palin live from Scranton

    Sarah Palin is in Northeast PA (Scranton to be exact) and will be speaking today (10/14) at 2 pm. Check out Wnep.com for a live stream of the speech.

    Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin Crowds

    Is there anyone out there comparing the crowds of Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin? I just remember early on in the primary, crowd size was one of the media’s justification of Obama’s coronation as Reverend Most High. So, now with Palin pulling in thousands at rallies, I’m not hearing much anymore about Obama crowd size? Now, I’m not trying to say that crowd size is any measure | Read More »

    If Obama’s so far ahead, why play the race card?

    Once again, racism rears its politically profitable head, with Georgia Democrat Rep. John Lewis accusing Sen. John McCain of ‘sowing seeds of hatred.’ Lewis was referring to anger expressed by some who spoke up at recent rallies.Memo to David Axelrod: these people, like your own constituents, are angry at Washington. And let me assure you it has nothing to do with race. Let me add | Read More »

    Angry Voter at McCain Rally Mad at Socialist Takeover of Our Country

    In a strange way seeing this angry man confronting John McCain over the socialist takeover of our country warmed my heart. We should all be so blunt and in the face of our elected officials until they hear us loud and clear.Keywords: angry voter, Wisconsin, John McCain, rally, socialismRead the rest of the article Angry Voter at McCain Rally Mad at Socialist Takeover of Our | Read More »

    If you are judged by the company you keep…

    I now have a new chant thanks to the folks that showed up at the Scranton rally today:While cops cleared the street and confined the protesters and Mr. McCain’s supporters to their respective sides of the street, the McCain side began a chant of their own, “Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, O-bam-a, goodbye.”I think I’ll be using that one myself!

    To all Florida Republicans

    To all Florida Republicans:On Saturday, October 18th, from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM(immediately following the adjournment of the RPOF Quarterly Executive Board Meeting) The Republican Party of Florida will hold a “United on the Path to Victory” Rally celebrating the nomination of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin as the next President and Vice President of the United States and all Republican candidates.In addition, | Read More »

    Memo to the American Jewish Community: If you want to make amends…

    I, for one, tire of the many snubs the American Jewish community routinely throws at Republicans, conservatives and evangelical Christians.If my ethnic and spiritual homeland had the nickname of being the “one-bomb” state, I’d think twice about snubbing the allies I did have.I, for one, consider the rude disinviting of Sarah Palin one more in a long line of snubs. If the American Jewish community | Read More »

    A beautiful day in the neighborhood of Fairfax

    I left out of my house with my husband at 6AM this morning to pick up my mother-in-law to go to the McCain/Palin rally. It was exciting to get there and see the masses and as it got closer to the rally it filled to this person’s opinion closer to 27K people. This is quite a feat in a park in a small city of | Read More »

    Photos From Record-Breaking McCain-Palin Rally In Virginia

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the McPalin rally in Fairfax, Virginia today broke the record, with an estimated 23,000 people. We were there and have some pics. The crowd was very enthusiastic and loved the surprise appearance of Fred Thompson. The energy was so high, and has been since the Palin pick was announced, that the Journal reports that the GOP ticket will continue | Read More »

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