Loud Mufflers and Music

    Let’s have a show of hands: who among those reading are annoyed by loud cars or motorcycles, or a driver who is playing horribly loud music?  A few days ago I was passed by a motorcycle that must have had something done to its muffler to make it louder.  My ears are still ringing! Something must be done.  But wait – something has already been | Read More »

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    Girls Had Enough of Being Called ‘Hos’ In Rap Music, Organize High School Ban

    Three energetic young girls from Arcadia High School have been successful in having 20 offensive Rap songs banned from their high school prom dance. The trio got 1,000 other students to sign a petition excoriating Rap tunes that employ against women derogatory terms such as “bitches” and “Hos.” With their campaign the girls of the Arcadia High Women’s Health and Issues Club convinced school administrators | Read More »