Public Sex

    It used to be that forcing sex on an unconsenting adult was considered rape. No longer. Now personal, deviant and x-rated sex is quickly becoming commonplace in the public square. In just the last week, this occupant of the ‘public square’ has been treated to images best confined to the pages of porn magazines. Images and acts that are popping up regularly on billboards, television, | Read More »

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    Kelloggs pays Letterman for teenage rape “joke”.

    Re: Sponsoring Letterman’s teenage rape “joke”.   June 16, 2009   To whom it may Concern:   I am the father of a large family, including four teenage daughters, two of whom are just the ages of Bristol and Willow Palin. I don’t watch Letterman any more, but of course I have heard and seen his latest remarks about the Palin family, including the disgusting new | Read More »

    Mass rape, murder in Georgi… no, wait, one of the ‘victims’ had a gun.

    So that becomes One dead, one injured in foiled robbery/rape/murder attempt in Georgia. Via Fausta: College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader …Bailey said he thought it was the end of his life and the lives of the 10 people inside his apartment for a birthday party after two masked men with guns burst in through a patio door. “They just came in and separated the | Read More »

    The Democrats next big attack against Palin

    It only makes sense the Obama Campaign is working on ads but I think they’ll wait a bit. If they release them now most people will rightfully dismiss it as more Democrat lies.. You can bet Obama’s lawyers are desperately trying to find a rape victim, while Palin was Mayor, that was charged for her rape kit. The fact that nobody can prove Palin knew | Read More »

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