Russia Invited To Iceland’s Airbase

    In the wake of the election, I took the view that the international scene would be the dominant factor in the immediate future – as various bad actors moved to exploit perceived weak leadership over here.I figured that “Russia won’t be the worst, but they’ll be first” – since the Russians are in a hurry for their own reasons.But things are moving much more quickly | Read More »

    Russia’s In A Hurry – Here’s Why (Minor Update)

    (After some internal discussion, it was decided to front-page this diary. With that being the case, I can’t resist adding something else that had been deposited in the comments. In the same communication mentioned in the text, the same Estonian friend commented that “Russia trades between wealth and wits. When they have wealth, they lose their wits. And vice-versa.” That seems about right.)On Tuesday night, | Read More »

    More Russian Rumblings – “The American Gorbachev” (Updated with link)

    MOSCOW (AFP) – Barack Obama is the “American Gorbachev” who will ultimately destroy the US, Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky said Tuesday. Credited in the West for leading the former Soviet Union away from Cold War confrontation, Mikhail Gorbachev, now 77, is vilified by many at home for presiding over the collapse of the Soviet Union and ushering in harsh economic reforms. “Obama, he is the | Read More »

    Well, That Didn’t Take Long – Russia Already Gearing Up

    I mused in the coveritlive space last night that while the discussion was focusing on “domestic consequences”…. my main fear was that the most serious consequences would appear on the international stage. I also fingered Russia as being an actor likely to see what happened as a green light.Well, that sure didn’t take long:Russia to station missiles near PolandRussian President Dmitry Medvedev pledged on Wednesday | Read More »