About Those Hollywood Control Freaks . . .

    The same geniuses who gave us “classic” movies like “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,” “Gigli” and “Catwoman” are at it again.  Only this time, their Hollywood flop isn’t just a bad-but-over-hyped movie, but a decision to stifle creativity and the rights of consumers.   As everyone knows, the music industry allows — and even encourages — us to download songs off of our personal | Read More »

    Freedom Works on Hollywood vs. Consumers

    The good folks at Freedom Works issued a report (PDF) last week on the RealDVD issue that I wanted to bring to your attention.  It is a handy summary of the issues and clearly lays out the case that this lawsuit is a counter-productive and anti-consumer action by the big Hollywood studios. Here is the executive summary: Fighting a slump in DVD revenues and a | Read More »

    Consumers want DVD convenience and freedom

    I have written about the legal battle going on over RealDVD before (see here and here).  For those of you who don’t follow the issue RealNetworks developed software that would allow consumers to legitimately save a copy of DVDs they own to their computer’s hard drive for back up in case of loss or to watch without needing to carry around the hard copy (for | Read More »

    The Movie industry’s shortsighted fight

    Leave aside your feelings about 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr (pro or con) because I think we can agree he is right on this issue: There is now unfolding in a federal court in San Francisco a lawsuit in which several major Hollywood movie studios are suing RealNetworks – a relatively small but successful company that develops and markets Internet communications technology – in | Read More »

    Why is Hollywood so against consumers?

    I will admit up front that I am not a lawyer nor a techie.  But someone recently brought this issue to my attention and it struck me as just another example of Hollywood being anti-consumer.  Here is the basic story: