Presidential Double-Speak

    In a Proclamation released February 27, 2009, by the White House, President Obama proclaimed March 2009 as American Red Cross Month. The Proclamation recounts a time in 1943 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the height of World War II, challenged the American people to raise $125 million in six weeks. The American people stood up and met that challenge, raising the funds in under | Read More »

    Helping with Hurricane Gustav, Day Two

    I’d like to add to yesterday’s post suggesting our readers chip in to charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as well as some excellent local efforts that were left in the comments, that generous giving to a good cause is a great testimony to the American spririt. It speaks to the belief that the government shouldn’t be responsible for everything–and that | Read More »

    Helping with Hurricane Gustav

    I know a lot of people in our community are disappointed by the disruption of events in Minneapolis-St. Paul this week but it is time for us all to focus on the potential disaster brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. History does not need to repeat itself and Louisiana is blessed to find itself in the competent hands of Governor Jindal in this crisis, who | Read More »