The progressive pedigree

    I suggest that this liability policy is more than simply a risk transfer purchase – it is in fact not insurance at all. It is the face of overt class preference and bigotry. The Left is knowingly, purposefully, pursuing a caste society, with themselves on top, racial minorities whose votes they need just beneath that, unions, Wall Streeters, and corporate fat cats who provide useful cash alongside, and conservatives at the bottom as “untouchables”. It’s easy to become “untouchable”: just support a cause or idea that the elite oppose.

    At the top is the unholy alliance of government, media and entertainment who issue the pedigrees and credentials. For them, no crime is prosecutable, and if there is a “real” crime, it’s buried like a black sheep family secret. Most of their crimes go on in public, unashamedly, without remorse or conscience.

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