Abortion May Kill ObamaCare

    The abortion issue may take down ObamaCare, even if Congress pulls the Health Care Nuclear Option in a desperate attempt to pass the bill.  Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) declared yesterday that “several Democrats who voted for it the House would oppose it next time around” without removing pro-abortion language in the Senate passed ObamaCare bill.  This is a big problem for the proponents of ObamaCare, because under | Read More »

    Great CPAC Coverage – Thanks!

    Erick and the folks at Red State did a great job providing timely and in-depth coverage of CPAC. Thanks for all you do!

    Birthers and Hoffman Supporters Need Not Apply. Who’s Next?

    Here, political correctness of a different sort runs deep. For instance, look at the support for a certain person running for senator in OH, despite backing the stimulus. Then look for the opprobrium heaped on Crist for embracing the stimulus. The situations are different, but the PC gods have spoken. Then look at the dislike for Hoffman crawling out of the woodwork, even though he | Read More »

    Hitting a Nerve on the Left

    The fine folks over at the dailykos website have taken aim at Red State, particularly a recent posting by Erick Erick Erickson.  Without reading the actual Erickson posting and relying on the tidbit redacted on dailykos, I assume Erickson was decrying the fact that no Republican leader was emerging to run with the ball while the Democrats seem to implode of Capitol Hill.  In their | Read More »

    Radical Left Invasion of Team Sarah Story on Red State Picked Up By Washington Times, Weekly Standard

    William R. Collier Jr. “RedState BREAKS NEWS,” says The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World (http://www.thewebstersdictionary.com).  (Emphasis added.) Three days ago RedState broke the story about a radical left group planting racist remarks on TeamSarah.org, remarks which were then reported, without fact checking, by The Huffington Post as “proof” that the supporters of Gov. Palin are racists. Yesterday, The Washington | Read More »

    Belated Thoughts on my Third RS Anniversary

    The calendar is pointing to another anniversary on this flagship conservative site. So it’s time for an anniversary retrospective. I began posting on RS in Nov 2005 as I had become absolutely fed up with the liberal propaganda and disinformation machine that was engulfing the net. It was a relief to find an outlet where I could connect with kindred spirits, and work with them | Read More »

    Happy Red State Birthday to Me

    Well, I never expected to have this happen. I turned three years old here at Red State. I noticed there is another blog posting where Gordon Taylor has turned three as well. Happy Birthday to you too. I started blogging on Google’s Blog Spot and Wubbies World was born. I also started to blog at Town Hall as well. Then I stumbled upon Red State | Read More »

    How to honor a good diary entry

    We all know and love the Recommended Diaries system. The list of recommending users and the elusive goal of reaching the top ten list provide great feedback to the authors of diaries here at Red State. That’s what the system’s for: feedback. We recognize quality work and make the authors feel good, so they’re encouraged to do more. But what if we want to do | Read More »


    Peter Kirsanow had an entry in “The Corner” on NRO about working to stop the “Fairness Doctrine” immediately. I could not agree with him more and I felt the need to mention it on Red State as well. In my opinion this is one of the most damaging pieces of legislation that an Obama Presidency could sign into law. Aside from the obvious violations of | Read More »

    A 4 Year Old to the BLUE?

    On the way home from school, while driving with my 2 kids, my oldest son asks me, “So Mom, how are we doing? Are we winning?” I told my older son, “looks like our swing state is almost Red”…My son continues, “is McCain gonna win?”, Yeah..O.K. so he has formed his own opinion, thus hearing mine daily.My 4 year old belts out, “I Love Barack | Read More »

    Red State Pride

    There is a Coat of Arms for those that cling to their guns and religion and ar proud of it. The design incorporates the church, the flag and guns. It comes on everything from shirts to coffee cups. See all the products below. Show your colors. COUNTRY FIRST See: http://www.cafepress.com/redstatepride

    Moving Right, Voting Left

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New Hampshire these past several days. I’ve been following the candidates and talking to real, live voters. In Dover this week, one of Gov. Sarah Palin’s biggest applause lines was when she welcomed people from Massachusetts, who had moved to the Granite State to pay lower taxes. It’s these same Massachusetts voters that have turned a formerly | Read More »

    Minor Site Update

    I’ve now changed the archive link at the bottom of the front page. It used to link to some feature that our original developers started but never came close to finishing. So now that link goes to the regular diary page for the Front Page diary. It’s not perfect, as when you click the link you’ll get a duplicate of the stories on the front | Read More »

    About RedState Caching

    Regular readers of Red State 3 feature discussions have noticed a common thread in many of my responses to them: Are comments not appearing right away? Caching. Kowalski button gone? Caching. New comment displays not available? Caching. Comments posted under other people’s names? Caching. Recommend this diary button missing/moved to another page? Caching. My Diary link goes to someone else’s diary? Caching. So what is | Read More »


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