Analyzing Swing States: Florida, Part 1

    This is the first part of a series of posts analyzing the swing state Florida. Part two can be found here.In 2008, Illinois Senator Barack Obama won Colorado by 9.0%, Florida by 2.8%, and Indiana by 1.0%. Guess which one was the “swing state” in 2004.The answer is Florida, and if that seems strange in light of the above – it is. In fairness, one | Read More »

    Obama Shows His True Color

    RED! Not the red of the GOP presidential election map; RED as in Communist dictator wannabe RED. Former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich called Obama’s shocking Latin American stunt “hobnobbing” with leftist dictators Chavez and Ortega.  Given the opportunity, I have no doubt he would have shook the hand of Khrushchev, Lenin, Mao, and Pot. This is the most SHAMEFUL president in history. Note | Read More »

    The Purple People Eaters.

    There is a new enlightenment sweeping across the world that believes that mediocrity hiding under the moniker of “unity” is the way of the future. They use key words like “progress”, “post-partisanship” and “purple” to describe the way to transcend from our former “soviet state” of red and blue. Be not deceived. That distinct noise you hear ringing in your ears is called the death | Read More »

    Today’s Republicans, Coach Joyner and a smelly locker room. The way back.

    For some reason that smell still holds memories for me, even eighteen years later. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very pleasant smell and that probably has something to do with why it still lingers after all this time. Coach Joyner was the new coach who entered the locker room after our first game, which was not a success and in fact was the moment that we | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Real Opposition

    The Wall Street Journal throws a dash of cold water on the celebrations of The One, and gives him a stark reminder of the real threats to his campaign promises and his re-election in 2008: David Obey. The Appropriations Chairman wants to slash defense spending as a money grab for more social programs and entitlements. Fellow spender Barney Frank recently added that a military budget | Read More »

    Social Issues Are the Key to Winning the Blue States

    For some time now Republicans have assumed that the key to winning over the blue states is to sell them on conservative economic policies and to run away from a conservative social and ethical agenda. Clearly that plan isn’t working.The success of Proposition 8 in massive Blue State California should finally indicate to Republicans that the key to success in Blue States is not CONSERVATIVE | Read More »

    Obama Four Surrogate Dads, and what they mean for US!

    It is beyond dispute that Obama’s African father abandoned Obama and flew back to pursue his socialist, pro-Soviet Union dreams for Kenya– and for all of Africa. Obama has spent his life, in part, seeking surrogate father figures. So far he has found at least four. Let’s have a quick look at them: 1) Frank Marshall Davis, Communist, black racist, Stalinist. Obama’s first “Red Star | Read More »


    CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN.. and Fellow Floridian..first let me commend you on a post well done!! I thank you for your sound logic,evenhandedness and common sense. Now , please allow me to voice a different ‘Pebble in my sandal’ moment.. Can you please tell me why it is that I am getting that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach again? It seemingly arrives right | Read More »

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    Red State III and what to do with the problems

    have been using Red State III since the inception of the Beta program and have had no real problems with it except for the last week or so when it seemed as though the whole world “stumbled” upon my favorite read.So how do we fix it? First thing I know it seems like a government program but no bull they need money to grow and | Read More »

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    Update on fixing the RS Bugs? Great Job Neil!

    I’m not posting this to gripe and I don’t want the thread to be a list of grievances so if you’ve come here to piss and moan…stuff it and move on! Neil is making progress and I want to start by giving credit where credit is due. Thanks for the hard work in a thankless Job Neil. It’s obvious you are making progress because it | Read More »

    The Dog days of Summer

    Show me some Red dogs

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    I Can’t Think Straight Enough To Come Up With A Catchy Title For This Post

    Hickpolitics and Redstate mascot Ol Red died today. He was 3 years old.He lived with us for almost 7 months, after having found him abandoned and starved and neglected…we nursed him back from the grave and welcomed him into our lives.We eventually found out he had been run over by his owner in his own driveway, placed in a horse trailer with a bowl of | Read More »


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