If you haven’t noticed

    We’ve ditched RedHot as we knew it. Over time, the interface for posting at RedHot became more and more complicated and less as it was originally intended.With Neil’s hard work, RedHot is now an integrated twitter feed.Here’s the deal — over time RedState’s RedHot account will follow people. Those people are fed into the RedHot feed, but only when using the #rsrh hashtag.So, that is | Read More »


    Tasting, 1..2..3..

    Congratulations to my “bestest” RedState blogger friend, mbecker, for his RedHot posting privileges.  Even though his commentary is often “redhot” itself, he tells it like he sees it, and — believe it or not — does have a “cuddly” side. As for me, I’ll have to settle for continued “Mr. EdHot” posting privileges.  And I thank the RedState editors for the honor of being able | Read More »

    Re: Miss USA Endorses Obama: Jeff, Mark for shame

    I mean really picking on Miss South Carolina. She wasn’t involved in this. I plan on offering my services teaching her geography the poor dear sweet child obviously has been hurt having been educated by democrats. Now miss USA, needs lessons in walking. I would be once again be glad to offer her my help.