Kevin Kookogey at the RedState Gathering #RSG13

    Kevin Kookogey is the head of Lynchpins of Liberty, a conservative group out of Tennessee. Kevin’s group was one of those harassed by the IRS. He spoke out this and the larger picture at the RedState Gathering. Video streaming by UstreamLINK

    Larry Rhoden at the RedState Gathering #RSG13

    The South Dakota race should be an easy one for Republicans. The Establishment pick is on record supporting not just tax increases, but keeping Obamacare and working in a bipartisan way to fix it.Larry Rhoden opposes keeping Obamacare. He’s our choice for the South Dakota Senate. And he spoke at the RedState Gathering. Video streaming by UstreamLINK

    Matt Bevin at the RedState Gathering #RSG13

    Matt Bevin, primary challenger to Senator Mitch McConnell, spoke at the RedState Gathering. Here’s a video of his speech. Video streaming by UstreamLINK

    Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) at the RedState Gathering #RSG13

    Senator Ted Cruz gave the Friday keynote speech at the RedState Gathering and fired up the crowd. Video streaming by UstreamLINK

    Senator Tim Scott at the RedState Gathering #RSG13

    We had a problem with the video from the RedState Gathering and it has taken us a bit of time to get everything up and cut into individual speeches. I wanted to start rolling them out so those of you who could not be there have access.First up is Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Video streaming by UstreamLINK

    RedState Gathering: Senator Tim Scott (R, SC).

    This, again, isn’t the official footage by any means; but I did film some interviews of my own, and I’ll be putting them up this week. This, of course, is Tim Scott: old friend of the site, good guy in general. Moe Lane (crosspost)

    The Establishment vs. The People

    This year’s RedState Gathering was a wonderful event. There was, however, one interesting moment with a guy from the National Republican Senatorial Committee worth sharing.Friday afternoon as I was trying to make my way to Governor Jindal’s reception, the guy from the NRSC stopped me and very derisively asked if I was going to support anyone other than challengers to incumbents. He went so far | Read More »

    RedState Gathering Interview: Gov. Rick Perry (R, TX).

    The below does not even remotely represent the amount of video that got shot at this year’s RedState Gathering: in fact, it does not even remotely represent the amount of video that RedState shot at this year’s Gathering, or the amount of video shot of Governor Rick Perry. But the Governor had some time to talk with me on some of the issues involving Texas | Read More »

    It’s up to you to stop ObamaCare

    At the RedState Gathering in New Orleans on Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz called for a grassroots effort to persuade Republicans to eliminate funding for President Obama’s health care law. Or as he put it, the “biggest and the most important battle 113th Congress is going to face” — the battle to defund ObamaCare. Senator Cruz told the gathering of Conservative activists that the best way | Read More »

    We Are Gathering

    We Are Gathering

    Five years ago I put up a post on RedState asking if any of the long time readers, diarists, and commenters wanted to get together in person. We had been online four years at that point.To my surprise, several hundred said yes. So we met in Atlanta five years ago this weekend. The first weekend in August ever since we have met. Our second year, | Read More »

    Vladimir’s Guide to New Orleans #RSG13

    I asked my good friend and erstwhile RedState diarist Vladimir to put together a quick list of recommendations and handy links for Gathering visitors. Vladimir and I are looking forward to seeing you at the RedState Gathering 2013. We hope you have fun and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this wonderful, historic city.

    The RedState Gathering Agenda

    Below is the agenda for the RedState Gathering.  In addition to all these speakers, you’ll get to meet Steve Penley, who art has graced the RedState Gathering for several years.  You’ll also get to meet several hundred RedState members who’ll be traveling from all over the country to New Orleans for this event.  This one is particularly special for me as my parents, sisters, their families, and my | Read More »

    The RedState Gathering 2013 #RSG13

    We’re two weeks away from the RedState Gathering in New Orleans, LA. It’ll be August 2nd and 3rd. You can still register at The event starts at 9am on August 2nd and runs through the early evening of the 3rd. This year I’m pleased to announce the following speakers: Governors Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, and Rick Perry. Senators Tim Scott and Ted Cruz Congressmen | Read More »

    Five Years

    Five years ago I put up a post at RedState asking if, after four years of knowing each other online, did anyone want to get together in Atlanta to meet face to face. I expected a few dozen to say yes. More than 400 did. Thus the RedState Gathering was born.Each year, the first weekend in August, we meet somewhere. Elected officials and candidates join | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Will Be at the RedState Gathering. Will You?

    We can now announce that Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be joining us as a speaker at the 2013 RedState Gathering, being held August 2-3 in New Orleans, LA. Ted Cruz’s election to the Senate in 2012 was truly a victory for the conservative grassroots. Since then, Senator Cruz has continued to garner a national following as he’s played an important role in protecting 2nd | Read More »

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