What About the Military

    While in Iowa for ‘s Freedom Summit, RedState asked the 2016 Presidential candidates about the U.S. military. In particular, we asked them what the future military should look like and also how the military will need to balance cyber-war, Islamic extremists, and traditional military threats. Here’s what they had to say.

    The Day After Asssessment

    Yesterday we did a call with RedState readers where Drew Ryun from the Madison Project and I reviewed the state of play nationally. We also took a lot of questions from RedState readers. You can listen to the whole thing here.

    3pm ET today: Q&A at Facebook

    I’ll be dropping by the RedState Facebook page at 3pm ET today for a Q&A session with RedState readers. Come on by at 3pm and I’ll get started taking questions from the crowd. Our Facebook page is http://www.redstate.com/RedStateBlog.

    Post-Election Call

    Post-Election Call

    Please make plans to join me on a conference call the day after the mid-term elections, Wednesday, November 5th from 9-10am. I will review the results and give you my take on what the election means for RedState, the country as a whole, and what ramifications/recriminations are likely to unfold in the lame duck session of Congress. We will also walk through winners and losers | Read More »

    How Can We Believe Anything @Samrhall Says?

    This just came across my twitter feed. Included is this: RedState, of course, is the conservative online site of Erick Erickson. It’s also a 527 or Super PAC, which many people seem to forget from time to time. RedState is neither a 527 nor is RedState a “super PAC.” I don’t see an email from Sam R. Hall, the author, asking for any comment. Perhaps | Read More »

    From the 2014 RedState Gathering: Mark Davis and Scott Ott.

    From the 2014 RedState Gathering: Mark Davis and Scott Ott.

    I wasn’t there for this year’s RedState Gathering, but I watched this particular panel from it with no little interest. Mark Davis is a Texan talk show guy; Scott Ott is, of course, Scott Ott of Scrappleface. The video is about a half hour long, and mostly about Texas, the Left’s long term goals for Texas (via the use of Battleground Texas), and how we | Read More »

    The RedState Gathering Begins

    Today in Fort Worth, TX, RedState will start its fifth RedState Gathering. Five years ago, I put up a post on the site asking if anyone wanted to get together offline in Atlanta for a beer. More than 300 people said yes. So we had to do something. Without telling our corporate masters at Eagle Publishing, Caleb Howe and I began planning an event in | Read More »


    Ten years at RedState. Wow.

    Ten years at RedState.  Wow.

    Since streiff is telling his story…  huh.  I don’t know if I really have any.  As near as I can remember, I more or less segued smoothly over from Tacitus to RedState; I commented, then diaried, then got front-page privileges at the former site, and then started doing the same over at RedState.  I do remember getting moderating privileges, though.  Mostly because the trolls all hid | Read More »

    The One Rule

    Before there was a RedState officially, its founders agreed on one rule and that rule has been diligently kept by their heirs here. Despite what many of our critics say, RedState is not a uniform and homogenous place. The front page contributors disagree on gay marriage, on immigration, war, isolationism, on the fight within the Republican Party, tactics strategy, etc. My job is spent often | Read More »


    Josh, Ben, and Mike

    They met in a bar in Northern Virginia. There was a fourth person there too, who has chosen to remain anonymous. Josh Trevino, who’d been running Tacitus, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky hatched the idea of RedState. At the time, it was RedState.org. I remember reading on Tacitus that a new site was coming online and they were looking for people to write about the | Read More »


    Ten Years Ago Today

    It was much debated for a few years, but digging into the database our first live post appeared on this day in 2004. Today is RedState’s birthday. Five years later we had our first RedState Gathering. In a month we will have our fifth anniversary RedState Gathering. We are going to Fort Worth, TX. The party starts the evening of August 7th and runs through | Read More »


    The Annual Birthday Post

    Here’s what I want you to do for my birthday. First, go read Steve Hayes. Second, register for the RedState Gathering. Third, consider contributing to one or more of the following: Senate Conservatives Fund Madison Project Heritage Action for America Club for Growth FreedomWorks And if you’re in Mississippi, go vote for Chris McDaniel today.


    Big differences among GOP candidates in Alabama Six

    Big differences among GOP candidates in Alabama Six

    Over at the Weekly Standard,,Maria Santos asks, “Can You Spot the Differences” among the seven Republicans running to replace retiring Rep. Spencer Baucus in Alabama’s sixth congressional district. According to Santos, Debates between the candidates “barely matter” because the candidates “support essentially the same things” and “even recite many of the same tropes.” That may be, but as we pointed out last month there are | Read More »

    The “Best Ad Placement in the History of RedState” Weekend Memorial Open Thread.

    RedState does, indeed, rock.

    Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Friday’s Open Thread

    I think something’s wrong with me. Sometimes the sheer absurdity of politics makes me want to start acting out — like a satirical drama or a song filled with lunatic lyrics. But, try as I may to get away from RedState, and this — what appears to be a new addiction — I can’t stay away. I’m a person who has little patience for pretense | Read More »