We’ve got a big announcement

    I’m just going to republish the press release that went out:The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – a project of the American Conservative Union Foundation, in association with Young America’s Foundation and Human Events – is happy to announce that RedState.com will sponsor Bloggers Lounge. This is RedState’s first time sponsoring Bloggers Lounge. CPAC 2010 takes place February 18-20 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel | Read More »

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    Even if they do, ObamaCare Will Not Pass

    The will to act, which looked so resolute among the Democratic leadership during the Dark Days of the The Great ObamaCare Wars of 2009 and 2010, has left the campsite, with rank and file sneaking away along the stream lines leading away from the Crusader’s tents. What looked liked indomitable will to the rank and file faithful, now looks like willful blindness, strategic stupidity and | Read More »

    The Top Ten Posts of 2009

    I’ve been reminded of my negligence. I try to do a post each January 1st highlighting the top ten posts of the previous year. Well, here is the 2009 list, but there are actually 11 posts on it. The number ten spot is shared by two posts that got the exact same number of hits.Congrats to Jeff Emanuel for the most read story of 2009: | Read More »


    What is to be Done? A Question.

    I’ve been logged into RedState 2 months, 8 days, plus another four months or so just reading and watching. I’m a newbie. Thanks for letting me say a few things, for in our kind of business, writing was a second language to me until only recently. My colleagues and I have a pedigree that runs back to the early 1960s, when a fellow named Moses | Read More »

    We Have a Problem

    We have, in the past day, gotten a report from a regular user that one of the advertisements at RedState is spitting out malicious code. We’re trying to track down the specific advertisement.We use a remnant ad server to display third party advertising when the ads purchased via RedState expire and are waiting to be filled. I am guessing, but do not know for sure, | Read More »


    Gifts to RedState

    People have been asking. Yes, we take them, though if you’d rather contribute to Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, the Senate Conservatives Fund, or other candidates, I can’t blame you.But if you absolutely want to make a gift to RedState, you can go here. The data is transmitted securely to Kimbia for processing.


    What’s A Fella Gotta Do…

    …for the nutroots to notice his existence? In my daily exercise of trawling the interwebs for something that makes me laugh, I was skimming through the Daily Kos; and I found a headline that caught my eye: Why there will never be a right-wing dKos: and why they can’t find more/better Republicans. Now I’m always interested in the mental contortions of the opposition grassroots — | Read More »

    A Woman’s Life, A Year’s Journey, A Birthday Today

    This diary is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend and Conservative mentor, known on RS as TallChE.  He passed away Thanksgiving Eve. from injuries sustained in a terrible accident at the end of October. This is going to be a two-in-one diary. As it is my real birthday, I thought I would first share a little bit about myself – a woman’s life.  | Read More »

    In HinzSight, one of the best friends I never met, I met at Redstate

    Dave Hinz, who died in an auto accident on his way to work early Friday morning, will be missed.  Steve Foley broke the tragic news at TMR, and the local paper gives us more details on Dave’s life and death.  Below, Gamecock remembers him.   The Directors and Contributors share the grief of our readers at Dave’s loss.  – Dan McLaughlin. The first time I moved to | Read More »

    The RedState How-To

    Note: A year or so ago I published a diary of “Frequently Asked Questions” about RedState.  Erick’s recent “Dear RedState Reader” post reminded me that I needed to publish this.  This is a total re-write and expansion on that original.  Numerous new members have asked for an “instruction guide” on how to use RedState.  So – here’s a go at it.  If you have suggestions, | Read More »

    Defending Erick Erickson

    False claims of race-baiting have no place in civilized society Nor on the front page of Race42012 It is with great sadness that I am compelled to write this column defending Erick Erickson of Redstate.com against false charges of “pulling the race card”; “race-baiting”; and of being a “race pimp.” Those are fighting words where I come from, and so, after following the Biblical step-by-step | Read More »

    Dear RedState Reader . . .

    Over the last few months as our traffic has kept going up, I get more and more people emailing me, twittering me, and commenting on my Facebook page about writing at RedState.I am kind of tired of individually responding, so I thought I would put this here on the front page and just start sending around this link.RedState is a community of readers and activists | Read More »


    Vatican Searches the Heavens for Alien Life — Really? (Really, really)

    (And now for something completely different) today’s news that the Vatican is searching the Heavens for alien life follows previous announcements by the Vatican that belief in the existence of alien life and belief in Christianity are not incompatible. Wow. Yeah. So if you are the head of one of the world’s largest religions, and your leadership believes (presumably given the careful and slow nature | Read More »

    RedStaters Can Talk to Haley Barbour Tonight

    The one Republican committee that functioned well this year and last was the Republican Governors Association. Haley Barbour and his Executive Director, Nick Ayers, are political scalp collectors and quite successful at it. Tonight they are going to have a special phone call at 6:30 to talk about the GOP Comeback. Only the first 1000 people will be able to get on the call. They’ve | Read More »

    RedState Morning Briefing: What Conservatives Read First

    In case I forgot to mention, we’ve set up a stand alone website where you can sign up to get our Morning Briefing for free.We send it out every morning before sun rise. It’s show prep for your day. It is totally free.If you are interested in getting it, go to www.redstatemb.com. Just enter your email address and you’re good to go.It really is what | Read More »