Michael Williams (R Cand, SEN-TX) wants to talk about race.

    The problem with this essay on race by Texas Railroad Commissioner and Senatorial candidate Michael Williams is that you really need to read the whole thing: there are too many good bits to cram into just one snippet.  But a taste: What grieves me most, however, is not that false cries of racism shortcircuit our debate, but that it makes legitimate concern about pockets of | Read More »

    Growing Pains

    As you can tell, ever since we had our Gathering in Atlanta something dynamic and exciting has been happening around here.Traffic is growing, press hits are coming — RedState is really on fire lately.But . . . our server has been struggling to keep up with all of you.So in a couple of hours we’re going to migrate to better equipment.We’re not going to take | Read More »


    Redstate Gathering Video – Michael Williams

    Michael Williams is an amazing, dynamic speaker. He is the current Railroad Commissioner for Texas, and the odds on favorite to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson when she leaves the Senate in the next few months. At times the room felt like an old time revival, with Michael drawing in the crowd with his eloquence combined with a genuinely friendly demeanor. Words really can’t describe it, | Read More »

    How I Came to RedState (with Pictures)

    The RedState Gathering over the weekend gave me time to reflect on just how fortunate I am to be a member of a site like this. I don’t post all that much, but I’m always reading what you guys have to say. From the Front Pagers down to the diaries written by everyone else, I do my best to read as many of them as | Read More »

    Liz Cheney – RedState rock star

    The RedState Gathering heard from many existing and rising Conservative stars, but the speaker who truly rocked the house, biggest crowd-pleaser, was Liz Cheney.  Her “America Needs Commander in Chief, Not a Global Community Organizer” speech was made of awesome. Unfortunately, the available video clip does not convey the electricity that Cheney brought to the Gathering. It is a great clip from a fabulous speech, | Read More »

    “We have grave concerns about the path they’ve put us on.”

    Note from Erick: Thanks to Liz for sending this on. This is the full transcript of her remarks to the Redstate Gathering, as prepared for delivery. It is such a pleasure to be here in Atlanta to join you at the first Redstate annual gathering. I wanted to come to thank you personally for everything you do. First, to Erick Erickson, a true trailblazer, who | Read More »

    I’m proud to have been an Erickson cohort

    Last November, I received an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Erick Erickson invited me to become one of what Newsweek called “his cohorts”: “Erickson and his team of 25 core contributors—a regular-folks crew that includes a construction worker and a stay-at-home dad—also pick candidates to back in key state-level races and use the site to raise money for them.” After I pinched my arm a | Read More »

    Hey, I made the New York Times. Sorta. Kinda. Not really.

    Didn’t mention me by name, didn’t get my actual status on RedState quite right,* didn’t link to the original piece (or, indeed, to the the site itself), and for all I know it’s website-only** – but my wife seems to think that getting quoted still counts.  Even if it was sort of out of context. Yeah, I know: overly fussy of me.  Particularly since a | Read More »

    Brian Faughnan on MSNBC.

    The subject: This administration’s lack of transparency! The spokesperson for the Left: Jane Hamsher, of FireDogLake! The battle: …called on account of mutual agreement, more or less.

    #FollowFriday Open Thread

    Teh Twitter. Once felt dumb to email about phone calls. Then came blogging email. Then tweeting blogs. And now, I’ve CALLED about tweets. Circle of dumb. 9:59 PM May 2nd from TweetDeck … and now I’m blogging about calling about tweeting about blogging about emailing about calling … sigh. Twitter had a lot to do with the successful pushback on the Playboy article and the | Read More »

    Traffic Trends

    Moe’s already discussed this, but I think it bears more scrutiny. My four year registration anniversary is coming up next month, so I remember when RedState was a tiny site. It felt like there were only a handful of us commenters, and we all knew each other. Of course this was long before I was an editor. There were so few of us that the | Read More »

    Senate Bill rings the death knell of newspapers

    You know that newspapers are on life support when congress has to step in with the shock paddles.  These instruments of propaganda are already working hand-in-hand with government to legitimatize One Party Rule.  I would say they are sleeping with the enemy, but one would have to have a prudent understanding of the press and what the first amendment actually entails to consider a newspaper | Read More »

    My RedState Tea Party Event

    There are going to be a number of tea parties around the nation on Tax Day. I’m helping organize one here in Middle Georgia.I’ll be at Macon’s City Hall at noon on April 15th with Chris Krok, the morning talk radio host on AM 940. We’ll be protesting this whole heap of a mess we know as the Obama stimulus plan and welfare expansion. We’re | Read More »

    Et Tout Le Monde: Nothing more irritating

    being stuck without an “Open Thread” that is just “Open” so that someone can vent about what it is that is bothering them.  Most of the time for me, it is about some of the swingers-by that come by just to cause trouble. So for all, use this blog as an “Open Thread” to download your stray thoughts, outbursts and irritations. I do not think I have ever | Read More »

    The RedState Response to Barack Obama’s Weekly Address for March 7, 2009

    This is a fun week. We had technical difficulties. So I left the podcast in Derek’s capable hands. It’s a great show this week taking on, yet again, the Amazing Adventures of Captain Cow Patty as he spreads his manure across Washington and fly over country. Here’s a hard link to the podcast. or listen here: