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    Need some help

    We identified the problem with that pop up window that kept coming up. It appeared to be a remnant ad server spitting out some malicious javascript. We shut it down the other day, but it has started happening again this morning. The problem appears to have come from a small remnant ad provider, and that provider has been removed.


    Hey Tommy, What Christmas Gifts Do You Approve Of?

    OK, it’s official–I’ve had enough.  This whole bruhaha started when former Mike Huckabee campaign chair, Chip Saltsman, gave some fellow RNC members, as a private Christmas gift,  a CD of political parodies from the Rush Limbaugh show, written and performed by Paul Shanklin.  Because the CD had one track (out of 41 tracks) on it titled “Barack The Magic Negro”, Saltsman promptly was called a “racist” by | Read More »

    The Top Ten Posts of 2008

    These posts got the most traffic in 2008 according to our internal traffic tracker. 10. Dan McLaughlin’s look at the 2012 field of Republican candidates. 9. Dan Perrin’s seven reasons McCain-Palin will win. 8. Ben Domenech’s story on Barack Obama’s short honeymoon. 7. Anonymous 14’s diary on what we were never intended to know in this election. 6. My Operation Leper post. 5. Jeff Emanuel’s | Read More »


    Need Last Minute Ideas for Christmas

    Use our Amazon Store.You can use what we use and help RedState make some money.


    With regard to front page contributors

    There has been a mild aggravation from some readers when I mentioned for probably the tenth time that front page contributors at RedState are all pro-life. It is nothing new. We’ve had this requirement since 2004, the year we came online. I guarantee you that for all the complaints from a very few people, we’d have a heck of a lot of complaints if we | Read More »

    Remember RS in your Christmas givings

    This is going to be a brief and to the point Diary. While the “Contribute” link (bottom of the RS Front Page) only goes to a “stub” I still urge you to find a method to help RS this Christmas season. As Neil Stevens’ reminded me, RS is a business… It has ADVERTISEMENTS! So please take the time to Click an Advertisement or two, or | Read More »

    Gunnar Lee Erickson

    7lb 4oz, 19 inches long. Born at 2:22 p.m. Yes, we listened to Rush in the womb and will continue to education.


    Number 1, you have the bridge

    Gunnar Lee Erickson will be pushed into this world tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. I leave the site in capable hands. I’ll be around intermittently. The hospital has wifi. Dear Leader will return. Don’t screw things up while I’m away or I’ll sick Moe on you!


    Let’s begin taking RedState to the next level

    We have a lot of readers from Georgia. I know. I track all the IP addresses. I don’t know who all they are, but I know we have a lot.And I know we have a number of regular commenters/diarists here, not just readers.We’ve been saying we want to take RedState to the next level. So let’s start. Let’s make Georgia the pilot project. It’s easy | Read More »

    “The Left owns the Internet”

    A number of interesting observations have percolated throughout the Interweb in the aftermath of the 2008 election – arguments about the “youth vote”, the “center-right versus center-left,” pushing aside social conservative issues, etc. But one of the most thought-provoking topics receiving attention is the issue of the presence (or lack thereof) of the Right in the online “Web 2.0″ universe. As a technology geek by | Read More »

    The Freedomist Expose’ On Great Conservative Causes

    Bill CollierThe American FreedomistIt says in Proverbs, “let another man praise you and not yourself”, or something like that.There are many conservative groups and causes out there, some of which you may not even be familiar with. Some of them may be nothing more than a guy or gal in their living room with a $7 server, as Ralph Benko quoted from Patrick Ruffini (READ | Read More »

    Not to sound all PBS . . .

    But RedState could not do it without readers/users like you.On newsstands Monday is a profile of RedState in Newsweek. You can check it out here complete with a misspelling of my last name in the first line. Heh. After suffering demoralizing losses in the Nov. 4 election, the GOP is searching for new voices to spur a comeback. But the party’s right wing tends to | Read More »

    A Proposal to Improve RedState “Stateability”

    As a follow on to Time To Get Local, I wanted to make a proposal to improve the “State” functionality of RedState. I believe my statements that I can’t promote state issues here wasn’t true, if a few improvements could be made. Since the powers that be at RedState seem to be in the mood to improve the site, I’d like to suggest the following:

    Today is my 4th birthday at RedState

    In the middle of 2004, I was told about this new blog called RedState. I was an avid reader of “Daly Thoughts” and Gerry linked here. I didn’t quite get the concept of a group blog back then. I read the front page and that was about it. I started reading the diaries and the comments and then registered on this date 4 years ago, | Read More »