Welcome back, Redstate

    So, was it a denial of service attack because of the anonymous poster that Rush pointed out today? You guys really need to figure out a way to plan for those Rush hat tips.


    Is it just the increase in traffic that’s slowing up Redstate?

    **Feels like someone threw a switch and it can take hours for me to get on the site now. I have High Speed and a hot-rod computer, but it is taking a very long time to navigate through signing on or making responses. Just the volume of traffic?



    **IMPORTANT MESSAGE:October 23, 2008 If Barrack Obama applied for employment as a Police Officer anywhere in Texas, he would surely be disqualified during the initial background check. If he applied for employment as a Border Patrol Officer, or any other Federal Government employment, he would be disqualified during background investigation, considered a security risk due to past associations and interests detrimental to the best interests | Read More »

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    Kudos to Erick Erickson & Redstate

    I have a profound respect for men like Rush Limbaugh. His combination of wisdom, wit, and humor often put him on the frontlines. It was a high note of my day to hear him mention Erick Erickson’s article here on Redstate. I know many other influential people come here to Redstate as well to sample from the pool of well thought-out contributions about life principles, | Read More »

    Our beloved gamecock and Redstate got a lot of discussion on PBS’s website!

    I had the pleasure of reading about RedState and one of my top 5 diarist here…the irrepressible gamecock. The article also chats with a Redstate front pager Soren Dayton and it was exciting to put faces to names. If you have spent anytime here you know if a diary is coming from gamecock it is first off intellectually stimulating but it is usually provocative and | Read More »

    View From The North – Can I come to the US

    I am so frustrated I want to come fight with you guys. As previously stated in my diary I am US educated (double major in economics/management college) but am a Canadian citizen. Is it inappropriate to ask if there are any single conservative women out there If I can recognize the threat to the great US from the leftists why can’t everyone else. Looking from | Read More »

    The Obama Nation Inevitability

    The Conservative Policy Arena The mainstream media template is clear; Obama will win the 2008 presidential election. It’s inevitable according to them and everything is falling into place – so goes the conventional wisdom. The polls are showing a large lead for Barack Obama. The economy or at least the markets are in chaos which only fuels the Obama ascendency. ACORN is registering thousands of | Read More »

    redstate enthusiasm

    It is easy to tell if our base is excited, just go to redstate and see how slow it moves! When McPalin was plummetting it was fast to click on links, now uh not so much! I am going to pretend it is all undecideds who want to learn about ayers!

    Observations and Suggestions.

    The past few months have been tumultuous times at RedState. Beginning with a emotional and sometimes divisive Presidential Primary, then moving to RS 3.0, constant server errors, Drudge visibility (more traffic, more errors), and an increase of new bloggers (along with more mobies and trolls), I’ve seen the quality of work here degrade and the respect we’ve usually shown often go out the window. Leon | Read More »

    PSA – Google’s Chrome Works Much Better on RedState 3.0

    Hey gang! I don’t get signed out constantly for no reason when I use Chrome as my browser, and RS seems to load a bit more reliably as well. Firefox isn’t any better for me than is IE 7.0 or the 8.0 beta, but Chrome seems to do really well. Anybody else using Chrome?

    Breaking: RedState Has Lost It’s Nerve, Now Backs Massive Bailout

    It looks like both Leon H. Wolf and Erick Erickson are now bending over backwards for a $700 Billion Bailout! And on top of that, another article in support of the bailout is promoted to the front page. Is Moe next? ((Ops, spoke too soon…))

    At the risk of ticking off Erick, Moe & (especially) Neil …

    I mean, I understand that the number one priority is to get the site and its new user functionalities running nice and smooth. But … notwithstanding RS is “free candy” the template of the site is depressingly dull compared to what came before in 1.0 and 2.0. I recommend a lot more white and red, a little more light blue and a heck of a | Read More »

    In Defense of Redstate…..

    In today’s New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed about how Republicans are trying to “otherize” Barack Obama by playing up rumors of him being a secret Muslim or even the anti-Christ. In his column today, Kristof listed Redstate (along with Jerome Corsi) as one of the Republican institutions that was attempting to “otherize” Obama with the secret Muslim/anti-Christ rumors. Kristof even placed | Read More »

    500 internal server errors are killing this site

    It is almost gone, Noo ne can spend the time anymore fighting this thing.


    Internal Server Error 500 Client Side Info

    I just want to pass on this info in case it is of some help. My browser, firefox, is set up for web development and in the error console this is what is posted when I get that internal server error 500. [thumbstrips] [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NSERRORFAILURE) [nsIScrollBoxObject.ensureElementIsVisible]” nsresult: “0×80004005 (NSERRORFAILURE)” location: “JS frame :: chrome://thumbstrips/content/scrolling.js :: thumbstrips_skipToCurrentHelper :: line 186″ data: | Read More »