Connecticut discovering that Scary Gun control is harder than it looks.

    Both Reason and Instapundit have both roundly castigated the Hartford Courant’s faintly hysterical (in all senses of the term) editorial calling for Connecticut cops to harass Connecticut gun owners into providing something better than a 15% registration rate (at best) for their Scary Evil Devil-Guns “military-style assault weapons.” Goodness knows the editorial deserved it, given that it seems to have been written by one of | Read More »

    Speaker Pelosi wants to register your guns

    On “Good Morning America” last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared: “We don’t want to take their guns away. We want them registered.” Somehow, I don’t think America’s 80 million firearms owners feel reassured. People have, in fact, been buying guns and ammo at such a rapid pace since the election of President Obama that there is now an ammunition shortage in the U.S. Johnny | Read More »

    The Price of the Presidency

    A Pastor Friend recently documented the laughable ease with which he donated to the Obama campaign from South Africa using a false name. He rightly asked “Where is the Outrage?” Where indeed, more to point “where is the prosecution for this and the host of other obvious acts of fraud that have been and continue to be blatantly used to help elect Obama?” Well, the | Read More »

    Voter fraud

    I am putting this out there for those who may be experiencing or observing, voter fraud. This is not just about voter fraud. With the election so close, only a couple of weeks away, as of the date of this post! I cannot believe, this is happening to me. Or is it? Shoot, I don’t even know what to call it. But oh my, my, | Read More »

    Conservative Voter Registration – Whose doing it?

    I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet in attempt to find some conservative/republican organizations that specialize in voter registration. While I’ve found dozens of them that have a liberal/left leaning, I’ve not been able to find one organization that is out there trying to register conservative leaning individuals. If anyone knows of one, please submit. Thanks.

    Voter Registration Drive from “Students for Obama”

    Being a professor, I guess I wound up on some mailing list. Thought I’d share it, and ask if McCain is doing anything like this? It seems like they are covering their legal bases with partisan messages in class, but I doubt that will be hidden if some of my colleagues follow though. Not sure how to quote/indent, so I’ll just copy/paste. “Dear Professor: My | Read More »


    The influx of cretin Leftists has made this site unusable and unreadable. When I CAN get to a diary to read the comments, I can’t stomach the crap that’s being spewed by the unbelievable flood of idiots. The Drudge and Yahoo stories have resulted in a tidal wave of stupidity descending upon us. It’s time for a moratorium on registrations. Either turn the stinkin’ thing | Read More »