Gadhafi’s revenge on the UK continues.

    Hey, remember when people like him were too scared of people like us to try to play games like this? Britain under pressure amid Lockerbie release LONDON – Britain’s leaders faced strong pressure Saturday to account for any role they might have had in the release of the Lockerbie bomber after Moammar Gadhafi credited senior British officials and members of the royal family for influencing | Read More »

    For Obama, It’s All in the Timing

    Timing is everything.  Whether you are baking a cake, playing baseball, or telling a joke, precise timing matters and is arguably the most important variable that, without it, all else will fail.  Lest we forget though, everything IS relative.  What you are baking is as important as the time it takes to bake.  If you hope to advance the runner, pitch counts and runners on | Read More »

    McCain released: Vietnamese film released

    Well worth a look at this (new) March 14, 1973 video; AP story here. STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Previously unseen footage emerged Thursday showing Republican presidential candidate John McCain as a proud, stoic prisoner of war in Hanoi on the day his Vietnamese captors released him to the U.S. military.