The Liberals Continue Their War on Christmas

    It’s that time of year. Most Americans are putting their final touches on their decorations, getting their final presents, and getting ready to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Well, not everybody: Nina Totenberg actually apologizes for saying she was at a Christmas party. As Ace says, Totenberg would never say “I was — forgive the expression — at a gay wedding”; remember, Totenberg’s outfit, | Read More »

    Paul Krugman: 40% of America currently traitors.

    (Via Sister Toldjah) We should never have let Paul Krugman fester behind that TimesSelect subscriber wall. It broke something inside of him: But 212 representatives voted no. A handful of these no votes came from representatives who considered the bill too weak, but most rejected the bill because they rejected the whole notion that we have to do something about greenhouse gases. And as I | Read More »

    One Down, Two To Go

    It should be clear by my previous posts that I was not a supporter of Barack Obama for President. That said, I am glad that we have finally reached the point where a black man can achieve our nation’s highest office. Now, I’m not so naïve to believe that we have eliminated racial bigotry because of this election. Two racist men were arrested for plotting | Read More »