San Diego Says No Bible Study Without Permit,2933,522637,00.html Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary have been told that they cannot invite friends to their San Diego, Calif. home for a Bible study — unless they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to San Diego County. “On Good Friday we had an employee from San Diego County come to our house, and inform us that the Bible study that | Read More »

    Sarah Palin is a Theocrat

    Here’s a big surprise. Since nothing else is working, the lefties are pulling a Rosie O’Donnell and comparing Palin to Muslim fundamentalists because of her Christian beliefs. But the values of his handpicked running mate, Sarah Palin, more resemble those of Muslim fundamentalists than they do those of the Founding Fathers…What is the difference between Palin and a Muslim fundamentalist? Lipstick. You can read the | Read More »