Happy Tax Day!

    It’s April 15th, and like every year, we’ll be seeing news stories tonight of cars lined up at the post office carrying happy taxpayers who are dutifully submitting their last-minute returns. Happy? Well, maybe some. At least those who don’t OWE anything. Rep. Mike Pence took to the House floor today to speak about Tax Day 2010. Pence’s money quotes: This Congress has voted and | Read More »

    Rep Pence: “America, we can win this fight!”

    H/t to Dan Riehl for the video. A minority in congress plus the American people equals a majority … America, we can win this fight. Republicans in Congress are hitting their stride at just the right time in this debate. The Democrats and the Obama administration are facing precipitous drops in there polling in general and in 2010 electoral polling specifically. The media arms of | Read More »