Boundless Grace Within the Bounds of Penitent Souls

    Boundless Grace Within the Bounds of Penitent Souls

    These are two great quotes, thoughts from which might make it into my Sunday School lesson this Sunday. Walker Percy wrote this one a few decades ago. The Church can indeed change, has changed, might now or in the future change in its encounter with a particular culture, my own included. But I need not warn you, I am sure, of the dangers of overacculturation. | Read More »

    A Call for Political Repentance

    I’m probably not coming at this the way most conservatives would prefer.  Most conservatives I know are big on patriotism, flag-waving, freedom, guns, and individual rights, but they do tend to forget where their first allegiances should lie.  After all, our country was founded by conservatives, men who understood the importance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedom of speech, | Read More »

    The Secret To Amereican Excetionalism

    I’m an American. I still believe in American exceptionalism, but perhaps now more than ever, I have come to understand that exceptionalism is not a result of merit … but grace. I came to that conclusion after honestly asking myself: Are we smarter than the Romans, who built a republic thousands of years ahead of us; more brilliant than the Germans, from whom we developed our rocket and space technology; better than the Brits, who were one of the largest empires ever built, or more tenacious than the Russians, who stopped the Germans in WW II? I doubt it.

    So, what made America exceptional? Certainly, at the time of the revolution it was not our military or financial prowess. Exceptionalism did not rest in the hands of the Continental Congress, who were as feckless as any deliberative body ever assembled. The case could be made that Washington was exceptional, yet he lost battle after battle, almost to the point of mutiny among his men and top generals.

    What, then, was that spark that set this nation apart from all others on earth? Sure, we have an abundance of natural resources: land, warm water ports, and so much more; still, I believe, to accurately define exceptionalism, one must look to the words of the Declaration of independence.

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