Skeletal Framework of what I think Obamacare should be replaced with

    The bill would have to do the following. 1. Allow competition across state lines. 2. Deal with pre-existing conditions so that is covered (I have an idea for this which I will mention later in this entry), and can’t simply be dropped because you have been diagnosed with an illness. 3. Lawsuit reform (I’ll let others argue how this should be handled) 4. Have no | Read More »

    Who *shall* replace Rangel?

    Having watched for a while the entertaining meltdown that is the Democratic party’s House Ways & Means chairmanship crisis, I’d thought that I’d take a look at the top seven replacements for Charlie Rangel (via Jen Rubin) and quickly point out the… complications. Fortney Pete Stark, CA-13.  Crazy. Sander M. Levin, MI-12. Public option squish*. Jim McDermott, WA-07.  Seditionist. John Lewis, GA-05. Racist. Richard E. | Read More »

    It’s Common Sense to Select a Conservative for SCOTUS

                   Although I’m a conservative, I’d like to argue for a concept here not on the basis of a political agenda, but more on the basis of supporting the logical strands the Founding Fathers used to establish our Constitution. I think it is easily supportable that those original Framers intended to set up the framework of the constitution to be self-supporting, and internally protective. | Read More »