Thank You House Republicans

    Normally at this time of year Republicans run away from the issue of abortion as fast as possible. They don’t like the “War on Women” and they just give up. But in 2014, we saw the “war on women” lose to Republicans who champion life. Now the GOP is going to take positive steps to advance a culture of life. Instead of running from the | Read More »

    The demographic shriveling of the Democratic party continues.

    The demographic shriveling of the Democratic party continues.

    Oh, dear. It’s worse for the Democratic party than I thought. The GOP dominance in these predominantly white working-class districts underscores the structural challenge facing Democrats: While the party has repeatedly captured the White House despite big deficits among the working-class white voters who once anchored its electoral coalition, these results show how difficult it will be to recapture the House without improving on that | Read More »

    Mitigating the Suck

    Mitigating the Suck

    I campaigned for Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk in Georgia. They both said they were opposed to as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Today, the both voted for him, having previously voted against him in the Republican Conference. They both stood behind that as their justification to vote for him today, but their constituents thought otherwise. For an hour on the radio in Atlanta | Read More »

    Dear Freshman Republicans

    Congratulations on your election. You all come from different backgrounds with different views and even differing ideologies and priorities. But collectively you now are called upon to decide important issues. For those of you in the House, many of you campaigned saying you would vote against Speaker Boehner. You are now trying to talk your way out of it claiming you tried behind closed doors | Read More »

    Jim Jordan on the Verge of a Horatius Moment

    Horatius stood at the Pons Sublicius as an invading army tried to conquer Rome. According to Babbington’s poem, Horatius famously asked “Who will stand on either hand and guard this bridge with me?” Horatius saved Rome. Congressman finds himself in a similar moment. The Politico reports that privately Boehner’s aides and the Republican Leadership intend to use ‘s re-election to vanquish the conservative opposition with | Read More »

    The Insanity of the GOP: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over

    New polling of Republican shows what everyone knows. The overwhelming majority of Republican voters want a new Speaker. is not trusted by most Republicans. In 2006, the American public threw Republicans out of power decisively. They had no use for the Republican leadership. Two years later, the public elected Barack Obama in a further repudiation of the Republican Party. Congressional polling and polling of Republicans | Read More »

    They’re Coming for Mike Lee

    They're Coming for Mike Lee

    It is extremely notable that Manu Raju of the Politico has written that the establishment intends to destroy . Raju serves as the court stenographer for the Senate GOP leadership. His pieces are routinely littered with the conventional wisdom and talking points of the Senate GOP leadership. He has more than once anticipated Senate GOP leadership strategy based on their conversations with him. So when | Read More »

    An Interesting Choice for Republicans: With Their Base or With Obama

    The CROmnibus is in chaos thanks to so many Republicans opposing the rule. That exposed the underlying weakness and it showed the Democrats just how much turmoil the GOP leaders were causing for themselves. Now Boehner is struggling to get it passed and wants Democrat votes to help get it passed. This puts Republicans in an interesting position. With Barack Obama now coming out to | Read More »

    Understand This

    Understand This

    The House of Representatives is a large body with diverse opinions. Without structure, nothing could get done. In order to both have debate and amendments while also not dragging processes on forever, legislation brought to the floor of the House of Representatives is accompanied by a rule. That rule sets out the parameters for debate, timeframe for debate, and amendments to the underlying legislation. Legislation | Read More »

    Republicans and the Chris Hughes/Sean Eldridge Love Fest

    I’ve noticed a trend on the left and right in the past few years. People of limited accomplishment participate in fawning love affair press that claims the people are somehow the masters of the universe. James Kirchick does a great job in this schadenfreude-o-licious piece at the Daily Beast. Liberal writers have, for the last several years, fallen all over themselves to praise Chris Hughes | Read More »

    Now Or Later: Why Not Wait to Fight Over Amnesty?

    Now Or Later: Why Not Wait to Fight Over Amnesty?

    This is, perhaps, the simplest and most easily understood argument against acting now to stop the President. Come January, the House of Representatives and the Senate will both be held by the Republican Party. It will, therefore, improve their leverage against the President and his unconstitutional amnesty. So we should wait. Except . . . well . . . except there are some fundamental problems | Read More »

    The Optimistic Democrat

    The optimistic Democrat will look upon the results of this year’s midterms and have a couple of thoughts that will leave them feeling a bit hopeful. The party is hard at work coming up with their excuses for their 2014 Autopsy, but if I know my political opposition, there will be some who hang on to other ideas that will help them sleep better at | Read More »

    Another Democrat Falls. Republicans Still Won’t Listen.

    Another Democrat Falls.  Republicans Still Won't Listen.

    The Republicans now have their largest majorities in Congress since World War II. has been defeated in a runoff in Louisiana. Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards went down to defeat too. Republicans will have a solid majority in both houses of congress in January. They will have that majority because they ran opposed to Barack Obama. They ran campaigning on the eradication of Obamacare and | Read More »

    Top House Republican Declares He Wants Total Amnesty

    House Republicans, coming up with every excuse under the sun to avoid stopping President Obama, are letting slip the real reason. Congressman , chairman of the House Rules Committee, is telling Democratic lawmakers he wants total amnesty. The Daily Caller reports Sessions met with Democratic lawmakers telling them how expansive his vision of immigration is before announced the GOP would give up the fight on | Read More »

    The Republicans in Congress Hate the American People. Just Like the Democrats.

    The Republicans in Congress Hate the American People.  Just Like the Democrats.

    Republicans ran a campaign in 2014 against the high handed overreach of Barack Obama. Democrats ran a campaign against Republicans accusing them of hating women and shutting down the government. Republicans won. Then and promptly surrendered. They never, despite their campaign rhetoric, had any intention of stopping the President. Boehner and McConnell both agree with the outcome, even if they oppose the means. But they | Read More »