Hanoi Jane Republicans

    As Caleb and others have noted, Chris Matthews has declared it his job to make sure the Obama administration looks good, regardless of the facts.”This country needs a successful presidency,” Matthews said in addition to, ” I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work . . . . Yeah, it is my job.”We have Rachel Maddow, Keith | Read More »

    Life’s Not Fair, Get Used To It

    From the time my children were little, I’ve worked hard to get them to understand this concept. I’ve repeated it so many times that I know they now cringe any time they say “That’s not fair!”, because they know what’s coming as soon as those words leave their mouth. It’s something that I believe we’ve forgotten as a party, and need to embed in our | Read More »

    Conservatives Escaping the Winderness

    I am typing this post as an impromptu post. It may wander some, but I will do my best to keep it focused.In the General War on Terror, we came to realize that the terrorists had declared war against us, and were actively engaged in it long before we even bothered to pay attention and lift a finger about it. However, it took 911 for | Read More »

    The future of America is inextricably entwined with the future of the Republican Party

    We are faced with a true sea change in America. The radical left has taken firm control of the Democratic Party and is moving to change America into a socialist state. I do not accept that the American people have given up on personal freedom and responsibility and are prepared to turn their lives over the Obama appointed socialist bureaucrats. I do not believe that | Read More »

    A 2nd Declaration of Independence

    (I originally posted this as a reply to another diary, but as I want to say more on this subject later I have chosen to make it a separate diary) I believe our founding fathers would trade what currently masquerades as federalism in this country today for what they had under British rule in a second. In 1994 we Republicans had the Contract w/ America, | Read More »

    The long view of things.

    True students—not dilletantes—of history have an approach to the wheel of time that few people embroiled in current events do. The further back in time one gazes, the less important smalle details become, but the expression of patterns gets stronger. In my first post I introduced the Postulate of Cyclical Politics: The root of Conservative demise is hypocrisy. The root of Liberal demise is excess. | Read More »

    When we lost 2008

    If you would, please participate with me in a little mental exercise. Try and pinpoint the exact moment the Republicans lost the 2008 elections. When you think about it, anyone who follows politics, can site multiple examples of election cycle blunders and outside influences that contributed to our sizable defeat, but when did we really lose? The markets tanking is first example often stated and | Read More »

    Social Issues Are the Key to Winning the Blue States

    For some time now Republicans have assumed that the key to winning over the blue states is to sell them on conservative economic policies and to run away from a conservative social and ethical agenda. Clearly that plan isn’t working.The success of Proposition 8 in massive Blue State California should finally indicate to Republicans that the key to success in Blue States is not CONSERVATIVE | Read More »

    How McCain Lost – or How Any Republican Loses

    Obama won, yes, but only because McCain lost this election. I won’t address the tactics the Obama campaign utilized to win, as they have been documented elsewhere. I am focusing on McCain.Firstly, it must be said up-front that Palin was a net gain to McCain. I have heard rumblings from Republican elitists and operatives that Palin ruined McCain’s chances. No, McCain did that. Palin roused | Read More »

    Engaging The Arena of Ideas

    This is going to be short. I need to get ready for work.Yesterday I made a post critical of the Republican Main Street Partnership and the moderates there whose own goals on their web site is to counter Conservatism. I also pointed out that some very prominent members of the Republican Party belong to this group. John McCain is one of them.Now that the election | Read More »

    Why I Hate “Republicans”

    OK, the title’s a bit inflammatory, but I really do hate a lot of elected and appointed Republicans. Erick’s “Leper” piece got me started on this thought and I will try to relate it to my own experience.I was born a Southerner, a Baptist, and a Democrat. Learning to read pretty much took care of the first two, the third took a lot longer. At | Read More »

    First post on RS

    No offense to Ruffini, et.al. but I don’t think my opinions there would matter much. Too RNC-insider-ish. That and I’ve been lurking here for four years, and boy do I miss Tac, a lot. So. McCain lost the election, yes? It’s a bummer, and reading the folks all over the place is an even bigger bummer. Finger-pointing has already come up to a shrill level, | Read More »

    GOP Has Been Down This Road Before

    This was the New York Times’ post-election analysis exactly 16 years ago today, Nov. 5, 1992, a day after Bill Clinton defeated President George H.W. Bush:The Democrats came out of the political wilderness on Tuesday. The Republicans entered it.The Democrats set aside all the self-doubts, the years of feeling on the wrong side of history, the election nights when the proud party of Roosevelt, Truman | Read More »

    Conservatives Thank the Republican Main Street Partnership

    To quote one of our posts here on Red State, “the great moderate experiment in the Republican Party is over!” – Will someone please tell the moderate Republicans of the Republican Main Street Partnership!In 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected president. The great Reagan Revolution was born with the melding of conservatives, evangelical Christians, and the “Reagan Democrats”. In 1994, Newt Gingrich engineered the take over | Read More »

    Conservatives are mad as ….

    I came across a couple of columns on the Internet that explain what happened last night. One is from Hot Air and the other is from the American Issues project.They both say things so well that I really cannot think of much to add to them. In the interest of fair use, I cannot post them in their entirety but I STRONGLY urge everyone to | Read More »